my life is only sadness sorrow and there’s no end to it
i can’t escape, one mistake ruined my whole life there’s no satisfaction in my little life everywhere i go i am a reject and my only comfort zone is ruining me tearing me apart day by day i try to find ways to make me happy but it’s temporary my happiness lasts for a short time most of it is just depressing losing i have no one around me, being numb isn’t helping that much my hope is gone this page is my only hope but some things are hard to understand i don’t understand the process of invoking spirits that can help me
i’m ruined it’s been like this for years

Maybe give yourself a break, you’re giving yourself a lot to take on all at once. Invoking is a bit like running before you can walk, and in your state, as “like attracts like” that might not be the best approach for you. You don’t want negative entities that enjoy this energy and will help you to feel more of it getting in your way.

Rather, why not try a petition, which is powerful but low risk and doesn’t need open senses, or sigil magick?

A good entity is Lucifer for this kind of thing. He’s beginner friendly and will be reasonably gentle in building you up. If you work with angels, Opfaal the Angel of Deliverance comes to mind. Or Raphael for healing your emotional wounds.

is there a lucifer step by step invokation and how it works

Hi i have found topic maybe it will me useful for you