Helping an autistic boy

Is there any magickal practice to help an autistic boy, to make him calmer, focused and collaborative? Im not talking about a cure.

Yes, he is doing therapy, some days are good, some others are quite bad. The same happens at school which is a pain in the ass because he can be stubborn as hell when he wants it.

Is it ok to ask for help to an angel or a demon?

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Eh I wouldn’t. Making him more like us will take away from his innate gifts and ability to choose as an adult. It’s much harder when you’ve been brought up that the things that are a part of who you are, aren’t acceptable by anyone in the world.

It’s not even true and it’s really hard to overcome.

How about teaching the adults to work with it? Autistic kids that are withdrawn to the extreme often can use telepathy and other mind gifts that we overlook or don’t believe in.

In fact just changing your thoughts while you are around him can make a huge difference because there are high odds he can feel them, especially disappointment and the like and it probably is actually hurtful and difficult to understand.

Imop help him embrace who he is and learn to use it the good parts to his advantage and minimize the parts that make life harder- it makes life harder when you rebel, but the young mind only sees people being hurtful and not even bothering to care what’s going on or how it feels.

Understanding you shouldn’t do something when the adults are doing things that are just bad… eh.

Kinda hard to get the adult mind over it in my experience. I often have wondered why the hell I went to such great lengths to do the right things and help when was unappreciated, shit on and twisted, so you can imagine being a child whose just trying to figure out why they are different and no one gets it? It doesn’t even have to be true to feel that way for a minute or appear that way.

Help him to be aware of the things that trigger the bad feelings and reactions so he can learn to curb them and watch out for them and work with them.

Teach him techniques for dealing with anxiety and setting firm boundaries without loosing your shit and how to handle it when people push anyways.

And teach him how to energetically shield himself from bad energy and thoughts, thought loops etc.

Maybe ask him if he sees or hears things other people don’t. Just asking can prompt someone to feel better or more comfortable, even it’s hey, why do you do this? What can we do to help you not want to do this or what can we do to help you want to engage?

Autistic individuals are highly intelligent, if he’s surrounded by individuals that don’t get him and are below his intelligence level or if he feels stupid because he’s not like the rest, either will increase the desire to withdraw and or act out and misbehave.

They also tend to feel others emotions a bit more acutely, so extreme emotions seem to make them uncomfortable too.

So imop, has anyone tried to look at it from a different angle? If traditional methods aren’t working perhaps some of these ideas might? I’m sure there’s many others and they may be better suited since each individual has their own needs and experiences to overcome and live with.


Yes, it’s ok to ask beings of power to help your boy. They could likely optimize his gift of autism…

very much agree with @Keteriya

autism is considered as faulty because it doesn’t serve society’s ends.
but it’s society’s ends and measures that are faulty.

there is a purpose and reason to his uniqueness and he will not embody it if artificially adjusted towards the ‘norm’.

it is difficult for those around unique individuals but it’s just a matter of understanding that it is a different nature to your own with different expression and dynamics. not a dispassionate, uncaring dysfunctional one.

consider the difference of natures amongst entities.


Absolutely… Try entities that focus on healing: Raphael, Ebuhuel, Marbas etc.

Ebuhuel is less well known as he’s from Jareth Tempests Angels of Omnipotence, and I have had better success with him than Raphael. I’ve not worked with Marbas but he has good reviews on here.

I’m not a fan of the normalization of the chemical damage that causes people not to be able to enjoy life to it’s fullest, and healing is a very reasonable avenue to explore here, I think these entities can help. Be prepared to be led to information that will help in multiple ways.


I’d suggest not using any qlippothic leaning divinities and focus in on something less dramatic for helping children grow. However Marbas would do a perfect job of helping to heal the brains of autistic people who’ve suffered at the hands of ignorant people

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I appreciate all of your opinions. Unfortunately, we have had many problems with the child at school. The asd teachers who work with him constantly resign since they find other jobs, which means that he has to leave school from time to time until we find another asd teacher, which is complicated.

In addition, he is a child with too many anxieties and behavior problems, which makes everything even more complicated for us. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand complex situations, so it’s not possible to reason with him for now, although he is making little progress here and there.

What we need, without using specific medication for autism, which I consider really harmful to the mind, is for him to become more calm and understanding, enough to help with the educational process and therapy, and also to be able to integrate better with his peers.

I am willing to work with any entity as long as it is beneficial for him and does not pose any risk.

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First things first. We need another ASD teacher ASAP!, so I will ask Saint Expedite to get us another one, so my boy doesn´t lose too many school days.

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I’m gonna weigh in as an autistic person.

1st off, I’d ask you to get to know him. Though I’d imagine he may not be receptive. So, if you could find a spirit to help you do that, I think you should.

In general, I think Mercurial spirits would be the most appropriate. I’d look at Hermes.


I’m autistic also. I worship through the temples of mercury as well as saturnian as an odinist I’ve correlated all things.

Odin would do it. I’m his human form. I am completely submissive to doing the bidding of the odinic agenda, the foreigners. I love foreign women

I’ll tell you the truth…

For me, I go through Luna and Mercury. When I practice Ceremonial magick, I focus on Hermes and Hecate. I haven’t worked with Odin in a bit, but I am a fan of him. When I do LHP type stuff, I feel a draw to Asmodeus.

Edit: Hecate is meant to aide in the general magical and spiritual process. I’d consider her a neccesary figure when working with the Greek Pantheon, similar to how you should go through Eshu for the Orishas. Hermes is meant to there for two reasons. 1st because many of my intentions are related to Mercury, and because Mercury is my planet. I consider him something of an older brother type figure. Odin embodies everything I’m about, but I never considered myself “submissive” to any agenda. I’m actually confused about what you mean.

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We are two peas in a pod then, because Asmodeus is in full control of my left.

A little update. Still waiting for Saint Expedite to comply, I know is not an easy task what I´ve asked for.

Something odd happened a couple days ago. I was about to wake up early in the morning, when I was called by my name LOUD AND CLEAR (a deep male voice) nearly over my left ear, which made me jump out of my bed :joy:

My wife and kids were all sleeping. I´ve no idea what was it but I believe “he” was about to say something else :man_facepalming:t3:

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Well, 7 days have already passed, and unfortunately Saint Expedite has not delivered and things will be worst by monday, because I have been summoned from school and it is very likely that my boy will not be able to continue attending, unless a new asd teacher shows up soon.

I guess I’ll have to “cross the street” to get some help.


@Keteriya, do you think a servitor could be useful to transmute my boy’s most negative traits into useful ones?

For example, when he goes into tantrum mode, transmute all that energy burst into peace of mind?


Traits? No I still don’t recommend that, but I think we are mincing on wording here because:

Yes. I did this for my children a few years ago, they were actually my first two servitors.

They idea was they would transmute all negative energy, thought loops and attacks on them into positive, happy, uplifting feelings.

I personally thought it made a huge difference and I had them programmed so they wouldn’t be seen by accident by my children and freak them out or scare them until last year when I actually told my children about them, my son believed me and was interested, my daughter told me she just couldn’t believe that was possible. :woman_shrugging::rofl:

So I do recommend either making it something with a very not scary image that your child won’t be afraid of, or mentioning to them that you want to create a spirit friend to help them.

I know it sounds silly but I’ve not met anyone with autism who wasn’t more spiritually aware than normal, even if they didn’t know how to quantify it into words, so I wouldn’t want to see him spooked or reacting badly because of something designed to help.

Either way, yes I do think a servitor is a good choice, it will need an ample energy supply to do what you need and you’ll need to keep a close eye at first to be sure it doesn’t scare him or cause his fits to be worse at first if he picks up on it and feels threatened that it’s trying to change him.

So I’d focus on the negative energies and the outburst and transmuting those into positive, loving emotions so that he knows you love him and you are trying to help.

Basically try to change the energies without trying to change his reaction, more positive energies should help his reactions, over time.

Hope this makes sense, I just woke up!

You could probably even make it in the likeness of a character he likes to get him in on the right foot with it or interested in it, but I wouldn’t make it an exact copy of anything since you wouldn’t want to pick up any negative traits that could influence him.

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Actually if you or him are open to it, I highly recommend making it like a friend or companion, even if he’s real young. Like a pet it can provide the emotional support he needs for things he can’t tell anyone because he doesn’t know how to yet.

But to do this and not have it bite you in the ass if he gets angry, make it so he can’t program it or give it jobs, only you can.

Be very specific on who can give it actions to do, but also consider if you died suddenly, someone else would need to oversee its care.

So in the long term, plan on telling him about it or someone else, just in case.

I’ve removed this inappropriate comment, but just let me reiterate what I’ve said in better terms.

Please don’t think for one second that autistic people appreciate your meddling in their subconscious minds with a servitor to change them so rapidly. Be patient with him and if you truly care for this boy then you’d have some patience with his progress reports. Autistic folks don’t approve of being pressured all the time and it’s very unproductive to do them this way.

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