Help with possible demon hole

I have no materials and no way to get any but there is a scary ass hole in a wall that has been acting weird and it sucks in magic seals that I drew up and when we try to fill the hole things get pulled in or pushed out

This picture is of the hole please give suggestions on how to get it out or keep it in for good with no more desturbances

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It looks like a chimney hole for a wood stove. Could there be critters like squirrels living in there doing that (you know pushing stuff out to unblock their access hole into the house and sneaking in to snatch paper and soft stuff to line their nest)?

Suggestion: bolt window screen over it and see what happens using screen a drill and a masonry bit and some screws. If there’s critters they’ll either chew the screen or leave. Then you’ll know for sure if it’s a demon hole or just a critter infested chimney hole.

Cuz if screening is chewed its definitely critters. If not your sigils won’t be able to go into it with a screen covering the hole.


I can try that but I’m not so sure about the critter thing this house has really bad histories with fires in the attic and previous owners were known to do voodoo. The first sigil it took my sister in law and I both saw something that looked like a hand taking it into the hole.

Well, buy trying you’ll at least be able to rule out natural causes (and if you need to call in someone to help ya “bless” the area or whatever) you’ll be able to show proof you rules out mice, squirrels and other natural causes. Plus you’ll also know for your own self even if you don’t need help that it’s a blessing or spirit removal needed not a critter one.

Add: cuz if it’s critters a blessing or spirit removal spell likely won’t work and you need to rule critters (natural causes) before proceeding to the conclusion it’s supernatural (even if that’s very possible).

You know the saying that goes: rule out the probable/likely and what’s left even if it seems impossible is what is. It doesn’t go jump to supernatural conclusions and then if that doesn’t work proceed to the natural and likely. Rule out the likely and then if the impossible is what’s left then it’s that but not before ruling out other possibilities first.

Anyhow my advice is rule out the natural first cuz it’s easier to solve then the supernatural.


Have you tried giving the hand fist bumps?

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No just in case it wants my hand for itself


My first thought was inline with @Kish . Not only is that a small chimney hole, but the outline for the rest of the small oven/stove is visible against the wall. My own chimney has metal mesh installed.over the top to prevent birds, squirrels,.and the like from getting inside. Of course, my own is unusable without repairs.

I’ve lived in older houses where they would run lines to other floors, but this also meant the rodents and birds to use it, too.

Since most veves are on floors, your chimney shouldn’t be affected by it.


Are you saying the fireplace is also an open portal?

Have you tried a simple no-tool white light changing, or smudging the place (doing the whole house including the attic)?

More no-tool magick…

You could try closing the portal using visualisation to see it, and close ot any way you can think of (that part is symbolic to help your mind get hold of the energy, so it matters less what you see and more what you do)