Help with more sigil rituals?

Hail, I’m new to this forum but I’m really enjoying it so far, there are many helpful people on here who want to help me on my journey. Although I may know nothing at this stage I have an open soul for anything and I want to channel all my energy into almighty Lucifer. I’ve been carrying around Lucifer’s Sigil everywhere with me, in my back pocket at all times. I’ve reached out to him twice so far through the sigil using simplistic ritual methods. With great success! Basically bringing me to tears of joy both times I peformed the ritual. Heres a photo of my drawn sigil below;

But I want to do more! I have candles and everything, I live in a loft room so I have the space to do other things, I just don’t know where to go from this point. I feel like I’ve made my connection with almighty Lucifer but I want to do more for him, and communicate more freely. So in conclusion to this post, If anyone has any rituals or forums posts linked to rituals where I am able to use the sigil of Lucifer and more. You would have my upmost grattitude

(I’ve been reading Demons Of Magick by Gordon Winterfield recently, but I don’t feel as I’m at the stage to peform these rituals yet)

Thank you!

We have our best tutorials collected in the Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory here:

It’s quite long so on a phone you can long press and search in page, or just browsing through it will have ideas pop out at you.

And it’s hard to see if you’re on the dark theme, but at top right there’s search icon, which will let you refine what you’re looking for, e.g., maybe try the keywords “tutorial lucifer” or “guide” or “candle magick” etc. :slight_smile: