Help with Mental health rebirth

Idk what to do anymore , I try meditating 2x a day , I try gratitude , I try visualization , I try to eat healthier , drink more water , I still feel empty and up and down mood swings all the time , I overthink everything I can’t even make money or start anything entrepreneurial because I just think what’s the point of making some green paper worth nothing if I’m not drastically helping others or making an impact on the world . I can never start on anything because I just start thinking what’s the point and then put it down all together , Im in solitude too much cause I don’t relate to anyone around me , I honestly don’t know anymore what’s the point of it all I just wanta be freed from mental hell and overthinking before I cross the line of insanity , no matter how hard I try my reality never shifts in my favor , I get little to no pleasure out of anything just if anyone has anything that has helped them I’d be glad to hear


Just stay busy doing something you like to do doesn’t matter if its important to anyone but you

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I try man nothing gives me joy anymore really I overthink it into being a waste of time

Have you read or studied Nechie at all
He talks a lot about nihilism and death of god ie meaning in life should give in a look up

This is sometimes a stage of spiritual growth, or may be used as a basis for such. In the first case it is so because the search isn’t for objects or mundane goals anymore but the real satisfaction (so to speak) would be provided by “enlightment”, it’s a matter of endure being free from the aforesaid bonds, as Plotinus and Evola said. In the second case Osho considered hopelessness as a starting point for Yoga, although I believe it’s not necessary… a bit extreme.


So i think feelings of being lost and purposeless are very simple at its core, answer me this question: what do you want?

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Have you seen a professional? Maybe you are on the Autism spectrum?
Stay safe my friend.


Check it out, as much as magick can help the world around you to fall into place, sometimes, you have to look at the mundane cause. It’s possible that you may be on the Spectrum, or suffer from extreme bipolar disorder.

Why don’t you consider seeing a therapist, get your mental health straight, and then, utilize the magickal world in order to keep yourself on a even keel?

I’m not saying you weak, or stupid, or anything like that. We all need help sometimes.


Have you tried spirit work? In my experience I’ve been able to conquer quite a few problems with the help of Osiris

I just want a decent life, relationship with someone I can relate too and financial freedom, nothing more

No I been procrastinating it for awhile out of fear but I want to soon

I’m about to after today’s episode of a breakdown , I may have some aspects of what you describe but I can talk to people easily and stuff but I don’t think overthinking makes it simple to make connections with others

I’ve seen a few and they didn’t really help , I’m about to give a shot again soon I can’t continue like this

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I just think what’s the point of making some green paper worth nothing if I’m not drastically helping others or making an impact on the world

are you sure you just want nothing more than a decent life?


Please do, and stay in touch here.

Iaso, Panacea, Isis, Raphael, and others can help as well.


Maybe you’re right I’ve grown a lot these past 2 years spiritually and my perception and awareness have gone up a ton, but I don’t think I can continue with these episodes because they have driven me very close to suicide many times

I do want to help others and have a big purpose but I also want to be able to live on my own conditions , What you cited was me going through my thought process and how negative it is but ultimately in a decent state of consciousness I do want to make money

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Ask him for visions and tell me what come to mind, and for him to say something to you.

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Well why should there be a but in there? you can live on your own terms helping others and doing something that you find purpose in while still making money, and use magick to make it happen.

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You’re right I’m still learning and stuff I have been using basic law of attraction techniques and meditation but I wanta start communicating w spirits that can help me once I get my frame of mind right