Help with meditations

How do you create the magical atmosphere to meditate?


Simply find a quiet place to sit down and begin by imagining light shining over you and the area you are in. Then start to meditate.

It doesn’t take much to create a magickal atmosphere to meditate. The white light can help a little other wise just send your energy outward into the area you are meditating in.

Binaural beats can help a lot on youtube. Or a candle in a dark room

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Magical atmosphere? I live in the city, there’s no quiet place! I meditate everywhere, few days ago I meditated while waiting in queue at the bank :joy: After some time you get used to it. There are 2 ways to do this… Either you will absorb all the sounds around you and use them for your meditation or you’ll train your brain to reject all the outside sounds. If I want to fall into deep meditation (which I think is what you’re looking for) I just concentrate in my breathing.

First sit in meditative position (unless you’re waiting in queue :joy: ) Make sure your back is straight but not in an uncomfortable position. You can use a solid surface for example the wall behind you for some extra support but don’t lean completely on it. Give your body some time to make sure your posture is fine. Move your neck around to get rid of the stiffness, relax your shoulders, adjust your hand/leg position. Don’t rush, no one’s chasing you.

Once you sit comfortably close slowly your eyes. Be aware of your surroundings. Give it some time.

And then bring all your attention to your breathing. Only your breathing, nothing else.

Take a deep breath while counting till 4. Feel the air entering your nose, your throat, your lungs, your belly. Feel how the air moves inside your body.

Hold for 4 seconds. Keep feeling the air inside you.

Deep exhale for 4 seconds and with each exhale empty your mind, relax your body.

Keep repeating and when you finish you’ll see that the only noise in the room it was your own breathing. With practice you’ll get there in mere seconds.