Help with energy/third eye evolution

What would be the best goetia demon to invoke till semi/complete possession to develop and make my third eye stronger, my energy body and chakras too?

Try Furcas.

In Corwin Hargrove’s Goetic Pathworking he is mentioned as being able to help with supernatural ability and intuition, which come when your energy body is better developed.

Nothing replaces doing direct energy cultivation exercises under your own intention, so you pick a method that works for you, and he can make them more effective.



If you know astrology, you could create a chart for yourself and invoke the planetary spirits to offset any weaknesses in your chart, for the third eye dantalion is good.

a good way to develop the third eye is to meditate on Shiva sitting inside of your third eye in meditation, take note of how he’s sitting and what happens around and to him. This will help you develop control and understanding of its energy.

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Have you tried working with Lucifer? I’ve heard he’s excellent for that matter.