Help with DUME jar spell


Does anyone have any recommendations to improve the efficiency/working of DUME oil. I am taking suggestions for spells/chants to use alongside the jar. Does anyone have any death sigils that I can put on/inside the jar.
This Spell is for a child molester (I’m not the victim) I will appreciate any serious suggestions/advice.

Ingredients I have:
DUME oil
Goofer dust
Hot foot powder
Carolina reaper chilli
Poppy seeds
Mustard seeds
Cayenne pepper
Black pepper
Flying devil banishing oil
1 black male figure candle affixed with a binding spell to bind them to the spell


That should give you quite some inspiration and ideas.

If that still isn’t enough,
invoke a Demon you see fitting for the Project,
and have him conduct the Ritual through you.

Be sure,
to grant the Invoked Demon full access over you Body,
since you want a reliable result.

What do you want to improve, on an ATOMIC BOMB!?!?!?
You can possess it with Death gods,
that’s about it.

There is no more potent than that. :wink:




LMAOOO if I could put an atomic bomb in there I would :joy: :joy: :joy: :sob: :sob:

Ta for your suggestions. I’m not ready for full possession yet am still new to Magick.


The Dume oil you’re handling,
is equivalent to an Atomic bomb.

Just so you know!


In that case,
you might consider gaining a little bit of expierience before you use a tool like that.

We don’t like having to clean up a newbie’s mess who decided to cast Death spells that backfire right into their face.

At least take the time to watch some of the video’s i shared.

You can then still go on and do your spell.




[quote=“Yberioth, post:4, topic:66688, full:true”]

The Dume oil you’re handling,
is equivalent to an Atomic bomb.

GOOD that’s exactly what I want. I heard it is very potent but if that’s how potent it is, then good.

I will do what ever it takes to attain justice, I have watched some of these videos in the past just wanted to know if I can give it an extra kick without invoking cause I’m not prepared to invoke a full possssion with little experience and have that backfire :joy: time is not of the essence for me.

Is a banishing and protection ritual prior enough to prevent backfiring? I have no regret, remorse or pity and am 100000000% certain I will find peace should it be successful, what u think?


well, obviously you want to cleanse AFTER, not before you handled the death energy.

Reseurch or pick your favorite Death God,
get his Sigil under the Candle,
while you’re working it,
and express your requests directly to that death God.

If you’re not having a favorite Death God,
i recommend you start out,
by working with Micah.

He’s currently not associated with Balg,
but he’s still an expert on the field.

Cast full banishing at the specific areal where you conducted the ritual,
if you decide to do it at home.

It’s preferable to NOT do it at home,
but i’ll leave that up to you.

Also do a cleansing bath once you’re finished.

That should take care of disconnecting from the Energy.

In terms of increasing it’s potency,
i can only repeat what’s said in the Videos:

Add any Highly Toxic Ingredients you have at your disposal to the Candle,
and don’t touch any of those with bare hands.

(at least wear some plastic gloves,
as you do when cleaning ugly stuff like the toilet.)




Oh you are VERY helpful thank you!

I may have to do this at home due to time constraints but I’ve got a shed outside my house I can go in and work without being disturbed in your honest opinion should I stick with your advice and go outdoors (woods near here not a problem)

I’m about to order a good amount of Florida water.
I plan to wear gloves yes don’t exactly want to goofer dust myself or get the dume oil on my hands :skull_and_crossbones:

Am watching another of the videos now, taa :slightly_smiling_face: Not seen thefirst one before she’s very informative :slightly_smiling_face:


Micah’s account is suspended, have u got a contact for him outside of BALG if so PM me the details please :slightly_smiling_face:


i will not further contribute information about a Suspended User.

evoke him,
or take another Death God.

(Evokation goes like:
Kama Kala Micah,
Micah Come!
Kama Kala Micah,
Micah come!
Aid me in destroying my Enemy,
as i conjure you,
and help me forming this course,
to be deadly and precise
-Micah Come!")




That is perfect thanks a lot Blessings to you :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel kind of sorry for having to take her as a bad example,
but really,
here’s how to do it wrong.

how she says she’s not gonna touch the goofer Dust,
but then sprinkles it with bare hands,
not using any protection against the poison.

But instead of taking safety measurements,
she rather tells us about how she hurt herself with it. :wink:

I already posted it,
but hellas, this is the specific one i mean.


I sensed that at 3 minutes in and when I saw her doing that I closed off the video ahahahahaha :joy: :joy: so thank you for additionally forewarning me.

Do you have Micah’s sigil?? What offerings does he like?

Also have you used DUME yourself? If so do you mind sharing.


Micah isn’t a Spirit, he’s a Magician.

If he haves a Sigil, i’m not aware of it.

Besides, i already said,
you can go with any other Death God,
i just recommended him - in case you don’t know any other.

I’ll leave it at that.

I’ve already Answered to further extend than i intended to do.

In my eyes,
this conversation is closed.




My own interest led me to this thread, which is gold: Invocation of Andras, Employed Towards the Conjuration of Destruction

Great instructions to follow, too.


That makes more sense to me now, Thankyouuu :grin:


Oh nah I don’t think I want to invoke him to be honest I know he’s dangerous and being new that could well backfire on me but thanks though will keep that link :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you DungeonMaster,

I actually recommended invocation already,
but i wasn’t in a patient enough mood to walk her through it step by step.

Great reference you Posted.




Ayyyyy nothing wrong with a bit of patience :joy:


I like your way of thinking. Going to look into this myself


yeah your spell is cool, do you have a picture of the child molestor? you could use it on a voodoo doll and rub it with some dume oil and put it in the jar and bury the jar in the graveyard
that could give some extra sweetness hehe