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Hello, I have quite a few questions about Duke Dantalion and i would be really grateful if someone can help me out. I’m really sorry it turned out that long but i would really appreciate your help. Any experiences/tips/knowledge you have will be appreciated. I want to make a longterm deal with him/her, i tried to do my research on Duke Dantalion but there is much i don’t know and i wanted to make sure and ask first before i do anything. First can i ask what scented candle/s he/she likes? What food/drinks i can offer to him/her? Is there anything else I can offer him/her? I’ve worked with angels before but it’s pretty different from what i read when working with demons/fallen angels. Since i want a pact and not a one time deal (i’ve read there’s a difference) i should write the things i would like to ask him to help me with and what i can give in exchange right? Should it be written in english? (I wrote to the angels in their alphabet so i’m not sure) and do demons in general but mostly Dantalion wants mainly stuff like that? Food/drinks, scented candels etc? I can buy these things that he likes more often, i’m just not sure if these things will be enough to make a longterm pact with him? I don’t wanna be unfair to him and/or offense him since what i want is not that little so i want to know what would be a good offering… I also have read that sometimes they want things that you don’t want to give… And i’ve read the rituals of evocation and a longterm pact is different? can someone tell me the whole ritual or links that will help so i can know what do i have to do and not mess things up? I’m quite nervous i will mess things up or offense him/her because i really would like to work with him/her. Also will candles/pendulum be enough to communicate with him/her the first time and later on? I have always falled asleep before to talk with spirits, but from what i’ve read some people stay awake? Thank you in advance.

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To answer the questions you mentioned in your introduction, there is no set ritual to make a pact. It can be done as formal or as informal as you like. The only thing that matters is getting the agreement of the demon.

Most often, the spirit is evoked, and then questioned on the terms of the pact. When both sides agree, the magician writes up the pact, and both they and the spirit sign it. Usually the spirit puts its astral signature on it and the magician will use a drop of blood.

If you are using the proper seal for the spirit, it is very rare for something else to appear in its place. Asking the spirit for its name is a simple way of making sure it is the spirit you want.

As to offerings, that is between you and the spirit. The spirit may have preferences, or it may not, but you will have to negotiate. A pact is a binding agreement and is not something to enter into lightly. And no, the spirit is not going to ask you to sacrifice a loved one, but it might ask you to turn over your life to it for the duration of the length of the pact.

For an example, check out EA’s Book of Azazel. In it he describes his pact with Azazel for 90 days, in which he covenanted to turn his entire material life over to Azazel in exchange for knowledge and the flow of prosperity.


Can you please spend some time using the search before asking questions please.

Thank you for answering me, and I understand that I sound rude and I apologise about that, but the answer says just what I had readed until now about demons and pact. I am really not intetested in Azazel and how the author had worked with him as I am asking for a different demon. And everyone has different characters and likes.

I am not asking just like that, I had already worked with archangels and their price is everytime a live and emotional pain. That makes the price too big, that’s why I am turning to demons. But I still would like to know step by step how one of this rituals goes usually.

I do not have 500+ pounds for the book and shipping. I do not have time. My time runs out of the end of this year.

I know that there is blood drop, but still, would be nice to have the little stupid info should it be in the bottom of the page, on my name or on top or anything like that.

This is something I see everywhere- people say a lot, but never give proper info, a nice and full info.

I asked in this forum, because I liked it, but it is really not nice how I am getting for answer what I can find in the search botton, when I need more- the simpliest thing to do or not protection circle as one can send away the demon or can cause the demon to not show at all.

Yeah…no. That doesn’t sound anything at all like any archangel I’ve ever heard of or worked with.

The Book of Azazel is available in audio format for free on YouTube.

It’s got nothing to do with Azazel, and everything to do with answering your question. The book gives you information on how a pact is done, exactly what you asked for. It even gives you the template EA used to word his pact, which you can follow for your own.

And as I told you previously, you have to negotiate with the demon on offerings. No one can tell you what Dantalion will require from you, because it is completely individual. No spirit will ask the same of every magician.

A circle doesn’t protect you. It simply sets aside a space outside of the mundane where you can become God. Having one, or not having one, will not affect the demon one way or the other. A simple visualized circle of blue energy is all you need if you want one. That is what EA recommends in his book Works of Darkness, which is all about evoking demons.


Exactly! So you will avoid the importers! :sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy: (Inside joke)


Yeah, 'cause you gotta be wary of those importers :wink: :joy::joy:


I hate the drop shippers who claim to be one spirit and then turn out to send it from Azazel…

I have so many of those brown Azazel boxes around the stables it’s crazy.


Duke Dantalion is easy to work with, i suggest you do some research and show him your want his respect. Just saying… there is more out there now then last year when i started working with him.

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Thanks for aaaaaaaall your help now you can stop bashing me don’t worry considering your answers i have no intention to come back and bother you again since it must be really hard to write a sentence or two that actually help. Especially the person working with him. And for your information I did research, but the info i got wasn’t much, but a f*cking anime. I will just go watch the freaking anime, i’m sure it will help more than you unwelcoming people.

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@Wonderland You could buy the book called Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. It’s available on Amazon in both Kindle format and a physical copy at affordable prices. It’s an excellent grimoire and it’s beginner friendly. No need for candles, incense, etc. The book includes 3 ritual styles which ranges from a simple petition all the way to full evocation. I work from this book when I summon a Goetic demon and it’s always worked for me. Dantalion is included in this book. I hope that helps.

A word of caution. You seem stressed, but a little respect goes a long way with these demons. :wink:

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Seriously, dude? I took the time to answer your questions and provided you with the information you wanted, and that’s your attitude?

You wanted to know the difference between an evocation and a pact, and I told you. A pact is a binding agreement with an entity, and an evocation is how you contact said entity to ask it to make a pact. Without communicating with the demon, you cannot make a pact.

You wanted to know how to write a pact and I told where to find a template that you can copy. All you would have to do is address it to your demon of choice and change the terms. That is what an example is for.

You wanted to know about offerings and I told you that it is completely up to the demon as to what he will ask of you, so we can’t tell you. You have to ask the demon itself. Giving an offering of food or drink for a one off task is not at the same level as an offering for a pact, which is what you said you wanted to do. The greatest offering in a pact is your time and dedication.

You wanted information on circles, and I provided it.

What more do you need? it is certainly not “unwelcoming” to provide all the information you asked for, and then some. Just because it is not what you expected does not mean you didn’t get answers.

We are a friendly bunch, but we will not hold your hand, and we will not do all the work for you.

To simplify:

1:To make a pact, evoke the demon in whatever manner is easiest for you. You said you have worked with archangels so you must have a method to do so already. What works for angels also works for demons.

2: Ask the demon if it is willing to make a pact with you. A pact is an agreement, NOT a petition, so doing a pact without asking the demon first is not a pact. Tell the demon what you want, ask it what you may give in return. The demon will tell you, and it is up to you to decide if you will agree to it or not.

3: Write up the pact in whatever manner you want. You can use the template in the Book of Azazel or not, it’s only an example.

4: Evoke the demon again, and read out the pact to the demon. Ask the demon to confirm if the pact is acceptable. If the demon says yes, sign it with your signature and a drop of blood. Most agreements are signed on the bottom. Ask the demon to do the same, and it will usually sign with an astral signature,

Voila! You are now in a pact, and are bound by the agreement made. If you renege on what you promised, expect the demon to disrupt your life until you make it right. That also goes both ways, though, so if you feel the demon is not holding to the agreement, you can call it up and demand it keep its promises.

What I have written goes for every pact. It doesn’t matter what spirit the pact is with. A pact with Dantalion is done in the exact same way as a pact with Azazel. There is no difference in method between spirits. What works for one works for all. The only changes would be the terms of the agreement.


Dantalion and the other amazing demons are not going to be ordered like room service. Sorry I used the web, you tube and searched and searched and meditated and meditated and then he came forward. You have more respect for them i guess

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