Help with cursing?

Tw: Sxual assault and pdophilia

A friend of mine’s brother was recently exposed as a rpist and a pedophile. I never met the brother, so I don’t have a connection to him, but my friend has given me permission to curse the everloving Tartarus out of him. I plan on working with Asmodeus and Glasya Labolas to curse him, but I’ve never done worked with Glasya Labolas or done baneful magick before, so I could use some tips.

Alienate him first, then do whatever you want. The whole idea is to stop this individual before he can hurt someone else.

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I agree with @ReyCuervo about the idea being to prevent this person from hurting anyone else is. How you go about this is up to you, but I think keeping in mind prevention is key.

Without being disrespectful to any details you might not have shared, when you say this person was exposed as a rapist/pedo, are you certain this is not heresay? Glasya-Labolas is a leader of homicides and in my experience with Glasya, he may incite people in the surrounding environment to want to physically harm you.

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In this case, you want to know two things. First, since you don’t know this person and weren’t there, and I assume there’s no evidence or your friend could have called the police, divine if is this an attack on a dude who is just strongly disliked and you’re being set up.

If the divination says proceed, next divine if he has natural protection, and if so what to do about it. To @OmniNuem’s point, when you’re doing heavy curses, it’s a good idea to check if you’re likely to get backlash by having it reflected back at you by protections before you start.

I agree with the other thought, but would add…

If there’s a deity you have a relationship with, you may consult them to be sure they are genuinely guilty. Just because someone said it, doesn’t make it true. Either consult the deity or do some sort of divination to establish their guilt.


The first curse I did was because of a rapist, or rather three. A friend had a problem and I got angry. I wrote my own spell t(curse) hat time and honestly I’ve never met the men. But I have full confidence that it came true.

I suggest making sure you want to go through with the curse, make sure you have the right target/s in mind, make sure you’re comfortable working with baneful magick ahead of time. And maybe call a spirit you’re close with or believe will be at guiding you through this curse. Another curse I did involved Lucifer and when that “warning” didn’t work I included Glasya-Labolas in a series of rituals with the end goal of death.

I’m not sure how responsible Set and Amaymon were, but I worked with them in that time frame and that’s when things really picked up. This might have been though because of the nature of the rituals which in short contained the premise, ‘please show me a darker side of me.’

But yea, call someone if you want guidance, use some divination, and go for it if you’re sure it’s what you want. I did the curse I did because I was angry and think those people need to suffer for their actions. Always suffer. I’m a vengeful person. Those were my reasons.

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