Help with causing guilt/regret

I am looking for advice on ingredients to use in a sour jar or something similar.

Yes I’m sure I want to do this, and I’m sure I don’t want practical advice on the situation or to be told to focus on healing myself, I won’t go into much detail but I assure you I have been fucked over and only want to give them what is deserved.

Essentially, I was wronged and abandoned. I want to turn all of the negative feelings and pain I’ve been caused back onto this person and then some, I want them to be filled with regret and remorse for what they have done to me.

I have plenty of ideas and ingredients for a general souring jar but I’m looking for some specific to causing guilt/regret/remorse. I’m definitely open to including anything that could get them to come crawling back to me, so I can abandon them as they did me and move on from this dark time in my life. I’ve read for myself and gotten readings done that say future communication with the person is possible which is why I say this. I have some personal items of theirs I wouldn’t mind using or destroying such as a piece of clothing, makeup, and old love letters to me. No hair unfortunately.

I’ve read a bit about mirror boxes/return to sender spells as well but I’m not sure…they seem to think they are perfectly justified in their lying and manipulation.
Suggestions to cause them loneliness and isolation, to cause familial issues, to cause career issues, and/or romantic and sexual issues are also welcomed.

Thank you all so so much!! :slight_smile:

I’m not very familiar with runes, I’ll have to do some research into them. Thank you!

Those aren’t Norse Elder Futhark runes, can you let us know what system they come from so the OP can look them up efficiently? A link is great as long as it’s not to a pay site.

Would I be right in guessing they are the Northumbrian runes, which is like the Futhark with 4 extra?

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These seem to be the anglo-saxon (Futhorc) or Northumbrian runes, indeed.

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