Help with an Ex who's out to destroy you

I need help with this situation. If anyone can, plz help me stop the craziness my ex is causing in our lives. It’s bad enough to rhe point I feel like id be okay using baneful Magick to stop him. All suggestions are welcome. Whats the best way to deal with this?

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I mean if you wanna make him go away from your life without hurting him, You can do a freezer spell . If you wanna be baneful lot then


Can I DM you?

I’d suggest binding your ex to keep them out of your life.

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I have a similar situation and a freezer spell only worked partially.

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Maybe even though it worked for me pretty well but if you can combine freezer spell with other workings It will have an significant effect.


You can.

This sounds like something I would use too.

What are the safety concerns, repurcussions for the Practitioner?

Could you please elaborate your experiences with this Spirit.

Thanks in Advance.

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Ive never done a freezer spell. How do u do that?

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I usually think of safety too before i deal with a new entity. Ive not found much on him just yet, besides comments on BALG. So far, everything ive read paints him as an assasin. Warning i found was be careful, because he kills everyone, even kids. But soon as I read that, a voice quickly reminded me these entities manifest how we expect them to. Kinda like Lilith for example. If you expect she’ll turn ur life upside down if u evoke her, thats what happens. If u have an open mind, n dont expect her to unleash wrath on you, then you don’t have any harm done to u. Idk… im thinking of evoking him tonight, n see what happens tomorrow.


Umm Use :mag: at the top and search for it. You’ll find it.

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Thank you.

Yes lots of detailed processes on Google as well. They’ll explain it far better than I can.

Do let us know how it went. Thanks.

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I found this on here. You might find it interesting.


Oh yes and he takes years. This needs to be done ASAP.

Keep me posted on what u find plz. Thank u

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I’ve posted of my experience with Dra’talon before…he’s quite effective:


Can i DM u?