Help with a legal decision falling into my favour! URGENT!

Hi all! I am quite new to practical magick and therefore I would kindly ask members of this forum to help me with one urgent situation.

There is one judge, who without any reason hates me and is trying to prevent me from continuing with my life for almost two years now with one legal decision that indisputably need to fall in my favour. Furthermore, the legal decision needs to fall in my favour, all conditions have been delivered, and there is literally nothing that could prevent the content of this decision from falling into my favour. However, every time the decision needs to finally fall into my favour, some very bizarre incidents happen and prevent it from happening, or the decision is revoked and prolonged…Although, this decision is related to business, it also is of a seminal importance for my life and I cannot wait for it any longer. The judge behind it is spreading negativity and is constantly trying to sabotage it.

I have tried calling Daniel from 72 angels of magick to help me with that decision but without any success. I tried many words of power to add to the process by making the judge terrified of me or accelerating the decision with archangels but also without any success. Now the situation is even worse and I seriously need quick help!!!


P.S. I wouldn’t like to use demons or satanistic magick…

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Well since you don’t want to use demons, you could try a servitor (a spirit that you or someone else creates) for manipulating his thoughts, or look into angels that do that- unless you know how to direct energy and want to do it yourself, though if you made him fear you doing it yourself is probably not the best answer since his subconscious will react negatively to what he fears- you and your energy.

I’m going to make a leap and assume no demons means no djinn either-despite them being a different type of spirit, who would be my next go to. But since I offer you any advice due to your choices, other than to use the search function as this is a very common question…

I will suggest that perhaps making him fear you made it worse, because it probably makes him feel like you are the bad guy or even that you are likely guilty or don’t deserve itor whatever the case is for whatever the legal matter is. Or maybe he just doesn’t like you now, because he fears you.

How does the say going, you’ll catch more flies with honey, than vinegar- or something to that effect?

But I will also mention that demons are no more dangerous than angels, and using demons does not equate to Satanism. I work with many types of spirits, including demons and I have no religion of my own and I am not a Satanist. I know angels that will kill in a heartbeat and demons that heal. They just have a different type of energy and and use their skill sets in different manners :woman_shrugging:

If you are interested in using a servitor, here is my method of creation, though I’ve heard many time’s Damon Brand’s works really well, and I have good feels about Taylor Ellwood’s as well.


Many thanks for your detailed reply, as well as the servitor technique! I will look into it!

Out of curiosity, which demon would you suggest for my problem? And would you suggest Demons of Magick by Gordon?


King paimon can subject any man unto the magician he is patient and good for beginner’s

Also try different publisher or author since you didnt get results from gallery of magick book


I personally don’t care for Gordon Winterfield’s work though many others here recommend him.

Belial, Eligos- are especially well known for court cases. Also Azazel and Lilith come to mind. Paimon is also good for manipulation, though I rarely see him recommended solely for court cases.

There are angels for justice, but many times when I read about them, it applies to if the individual is innocent, or ensuring fair proceedings for all involved. Given angels don’t equal good and demons don’t equal bad, I am sure there are angels for this, but I don’t recall which ones offhand as there are more than quite a few angels and types of angels.

I’ve had success with some of their authors, but I just don’t like Winterfield for some reason. :woman_shrugging:

Same here.

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Damon brand ?


He’s probably the best one they have imop. He deals mostly with angels however, but his methods have been game changing in my angelic works.

I do recommend Corwin Hargrove and Tristan Whitespire though. They are not Gom authors, but their works are good.

I would personal just look into how to evoke/open sigils unless I felt a structured approach was best for me, due to you being a beginner @themysticpenelope

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Yeah but I haven’t done ritual for 11 days

So I cant say anything about it


Will try magical cashbook


what publishers would you suggest?

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Mmmm 72 Angels of Magick?

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I tried that but it didn’t work at all.

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If you want long term wealth I highly recommend Success Magick by Brand. It’s enochian, but I’ve got one week left in the book, doing 7 rituals each day for 7 days, and I’ve seen a lot of success from it already. He recommends one ritual per week, for a total of 7 days each, but well I do everything different.

That was the book that changed the game for me with angels :slight_smile:

Okay, I will try. I tried calling angel Daniel but he didn’t make this legal decision happen. Do you have any other angel in your mind? And I also need to speed it up!


What didn’t work well?

I would suggest you try different books

I know but some methods dont work for everybody

I visualized that sigil with 72 names lighting in my heart but I didn’t feel anything

So see what others recommend

I will say you try different methods


72 angels of magick by damon brand

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