[Help] What's the best Spirit / Energy / Entity / God-Goddess for getting help influencing the outcome in the real world ? Need help with court

what’s the best entity / spirit / energy / spiritual being / god-goddess / archetype to work with for getting some aid / help in the real world ? Particularly i’d like some help with a law / court related problem …

Hekate? Hermes? Dike / Justitia ? Angels (Raziel, Mebahel) ? Daemons (ie Belial) ? Santa Muerte ? Planetary - Celestial Intelligences ?

Is it possible to get some in depth specific help ? How to proceed ? what’s the best way to approach the divine & asking for the help I need ?

I don’t want to talk about it but to make it short I got robbed years ago and got charged back with assault and those guys also said it was a brawl to defend themselves and I got charged 4 that too … while in reality these guys beat me up and stole my backback …

I’d like to make some justice, … i’m not particularly looking 4 a hardcore revenge , but i’d like at least to make it right and clear my name …

Belial would be great for help in a court


Alongside Belial I would also include Andromalius into the working; he uncovers all dishonest dealings and exposes thieves, etc.



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