Help what is real magick

I’m pretty new to magick the most I’ve done is herbal medicine plus I’m sure my vision of what real magick is has been warped by Hollywood. So can anyone please explain what real magick is what can you really do with it and please give examples of what is just Hollywood bullshit. Thanks for your help and I look forward to reading your replies.

Magick is the act of harnessing astral energy to cause physical change.

The 3 basic powers are divination (omniscience), evocation (omnipotence) and soul travel (omnipresence).

Through these “3 Godlike Powers” you can do everything from gather psychic information, to evoke entities that help fulfill personal goals, to ultimately transcend this physical reality and temporarily return to your original existence as a pure formless mind inside source consciousness.

To me, the purpose of magick is to evolve and pursue individual happiness.

Ok so I know I’m going to sound dumb for this but is any of the stuff you see in movies real like can you shoot fire from your hand or fly ect. What type of cool things can you do beside the 3 Godlike Powers?

for one example, Firewalkers are documented

You can do stuff like that, but it’ll most likely take alot of hard work to get there. If you want to go by hollywood, what is actually closer to reality at least in terms of concept is the movie “the matrix”, physical reality is maleable to conciousness much like the program in the movie, that’s a very simplified reason as to why magic works. Now I know you want to dodge bullets and someday you might not have to, but as I said before it’ll take work to get there.

The place to start is by getting the ability to fluidly communicate with entities, once you can do that you can start learning how to do other cool stuff.

I believe there are other races out there who have fully mastered these abilities, people see stuff like aliens in ufo’s and monsters appearing out of nowhere, seemingly defying the laws of physics, these beings I believe are examples of others that have mastered the art of manipulating reality.

Well said guys.

DK put up a video in the “epic videos of truth and knowledge” thread where a bloke from Indonesia had powers like that…but in saying that, the guys was meditating and practicing in the jungle by himself for 20 years straight.

Are you prepared to put in that sort of time, effort and dedication?

You only get out of magick what you put into it. Lack of time, effort and dedication leads to a lack of results.

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Ok well now I know that the people I have asked about some of this before don’t know what they were talking about since I was usually told that that stuff is fake. So has anyone here been able to do anything like this before? Also is it possible to stop yourself from aging and dying or become immortal through magick and if it’s possible how long and hard would it be to do?

Yeah, there’s apparently a bunch of different ways a person can stop aging, some are easier then others. To become physically “immortal” though you would need to have full mastery of reality manipulation.

So there are ways to stop aging and look like your 30 until you die then. So is anyone know to have become physically immortal and how would you go about mastering reality manipulation? What else can it be used for and how long would it take to master reality? How long could someone live without mastery of reality manipulation and could you stop someone else from aging and prolong their life also? The only way I’ve heard of becoming immortal is through a philosopher’s stone and the only person I’ve heard possibly did it is Nicolas Flamel. Is the philosopher’s stone even able to be made or is that and alchemy just fake?

@Silverfang, take some time and read through all of the articles in the forum here…There is an unprecedented amount of knowledge concerning most of the questions you have posed here. There is also a neat search option that was brought up the other day in another thread. That is useful as well if you are searching for a particular tangent.

Ok I’ll check that out thanks Sinata

@Silverfang, you are welcome…Hopefully you find everything you are looking for…

To silverfang (can’t get the “quote” thing to work… ):

Actually, the story of Nicolas Flamel having been the only individual to confect the Philosopher’s Stone, though common, is inaccurate. His is the most publicly well-known due to the “romantic” nature thereof, but it is common knowledge within the alchemical community that Flamel was far from the only alchemist to ever have attained the Lapis Philosophorum.

Various alchemists of the past had confected it, many of these individuals’ stories being well-known among practitioners of this ancient and noble Art & Science; and with regard to others, it was clear to adept alchemists that these individuals had personally achieved the Stone due to their teachings clearly revealing how, and in ways that would never have been known to someone who had not conducted the work him/herself and brought it to completion.

Even in this day and age, there are still alchemists succeeding in the attainment of the Magnum Opus. So I assure you, silverfang… alchemy is most certainly the real deal and so is the Red Stone. But as with most of the occult sciences - though even more so in alchemy due to the still somewhat maintained level of secrecy - one will not gain this kind of knowledge without entering into the Art and actually begin the dedicated study & practice thereof.

Hope this brought some additional help to your question about the Stone of the Wise.

Learning energy work and visualization goes a long way. Learning to project Astrally it’s very very very useful skill as well.
Learn banishing and to shield yourself… you’ll needed it (probably).

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First step to answering that question is developing your consensus of reality. How much of your reality do you believe is determined by your observation of it?

In looking at Historical Sources, it’s important to understand for much of it, no distinction was made in recording the physical and nonphysical experiences of the people that lived it.

The Witches’ Sabbat is the great proto-example; nobody ever asserted “This week in the news, a group of people had similar dreams about dancing with the devil in the pale moon-light. They were just dreams, though, no worries.” It was simply understood that actions taking while walking in Dream were fully as real and grounded in fact as those taken in the daylight body.

If you want to experience things which seem impossible in the daily physical world, you have to first get away from the notion that of the Seen and Unseen worlds, one of them is dramatically more important. Your consciousness is functionally immortal, and will be functionally immortal whether or not you do anything special. But without specialised training and practice, you won’t be conscious of that immortality, losing yourself as you pass through death and what lies beyond. Your reality is lost in your perception.

So anyhow, there’s my two cents.