Help to see spirits?

I’m not exactly new as I’ve been working with a demon for the past six years.

He’s been helping me to hear him clearly through telepathy and has helped me to sense him. He’s also told me he can’t help me anymore then that since the rest is quite literally in my head.

The problem is I feel this constant pressure in the front of my head (imagine a headache but it’s more of a firm pressure) that’s basically what I call a ‘wall’. It doesn’t go away unless I relax.

If I manage to relax enough that’s when I can see them (him and spirits) clear. In dreams I can see them as clear as I can see another person.

I think with praticing meditating to relax my mind until it clears up would help but I am open to any ideas anyone can offer especially since I don’t know where to start with mediating at all. Thanks.



Sounds like you have some blocks to get rid of. I’d use these mantras to meditate on your chackras to activate and clear them.

Say them out loud. In personal experience mentally saying it doesn’t get the same effect. You can start chanting it mentally later but it doesn’t get the same effect as vibrating the mantra out loud.


Thank you. Do I just chant them or do I do other stuff with it? Sorry, never been into chakras or things like this until recently.


Close your eyes and visualize and focus on one of them at a time while using the mantra assigned to it.


You are perfectly fine don’t sweat it.

We have a section for discussion on these. #mastering-kundalini-amp-energy-work . Check it out :blush:


Thank you for the help. I’ll try it out and I checked out the link, I’ll try out some advice there too.

One last thing if you don’t mind. I heard that guided meditation on youtube might help better then doing it myself, is it proven that it helps? I’m just at that point where I’ll try just about any method lol


Guided meditation is recommended for beginning. It helps keep your mind in it. After a few times you probably won’t need to listen anymore.

But: I’ve never listened to a guided meditation with headphones I’ve always just done my own or something that someone detailed in writing and I followed after reading it several times. And I’ve been doing just fine.

So ultimately it’s what ever is going to work for you best.


Alright thank you for the help. It’s given a lot of help as to were to properly start and work on.


You’re welcome. If you have any other questions just ask us and if you want to ask me specifically just tag me by using the @ symbol like this @Lamb-of-Hell-666 and I’ll get the notification.

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One tip, try not to block yourself. Trust the voice you head. Most people say they hear nothing, but their own voice is giving them direction. This doesn’t have to be your own voice in your head :wink:


I think that’s what I did that lead up to this. I saw these black figures or white orbs clear as day when i was younger then one day poof nothing.

I think that your reply and Jezebelle’s will help. Do you have any other suggestions or advice?


Hi @Lamb-of-Hell-666, I use exercises of


On the four Claire’s (Clairvoyance, claircognizance etc…)


Try the Incantation to See and Hear Spirits, received by a forum member from the Spirit Fastos, Keeper of the Demonic Tongue: “Altash Faltu Kanta Exune (spirit’s name) Kalla Kama Fultu.”


Did you try the incantation?

Yes. Why?


Made me think of an incantation that a professor shared with me once that is supposed to allow one to temporarily see a Boddhisatva. Specifically a Bodhisattva, for a brief moment.

So since you tried it may I ask how long the effects lasted for you?


I’ve only tried it in ritual so I am not sure of it’s duration, and I only chanted it a few times. In the original thread, Musta_Krakish didn’t mention how many times you chant it so I just guessed and did it nine times, like EA originally said to do his “Itz rachu…” incantation.

One thing that I think might be of use to the OP, is when Musta asked Fastos for an incantation to help with seeing and hearing spirits, he responded with, “Why is it so important to hear and see? Just know.”


Thank you!

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Thanks, I’ll emphasized textadd them to the list to try out.

Do I have to do it any certain ammount of times or do it a specific way? Or can I just sit, relax and chant?