Help: Think my family is blocking my relationship

So I’ve put out intentions to Astaroth and did love spells before to work on broken relationship between me and someone else.

Mainly it’s helping me to heal, but i was having a casual conversation with my brother about a game. He got paranoid and said i was talking to that guy who i want to amend with. It was totally left field and not warranted. I’m very independent and wanted to get up gaming from a twitch streamer i watch.

I realized that the blockages in my relationship and healing might be coming from my family and outside people. My family is very judgmental about my friends and other relationships.

How can I let those walls down? I know what makes me happy and feel good.
I don’t want their intentions to muddy up my life goals and wishes.
I have a strong feeling Astaroth showed me this so I can work on it.

I feel weird asking spirits to work on my family. Should I do that?
Should I do a candle ritual?

Do a binding ritual on the most influential members. If a group working isn’t effective enough, do one for each member that is against your will, in the order of whose emotions and will are strongest. Bind them. Let them wear themselves down. And be ready to cast influential things when the effects start to take hold.

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