Help required, probably crossed/cursed *Long Post*

Greetings BALG friends,

Since late 2015 or so I have been on a health decline, more so being mentally. Ever since a child, I used to have an impeccable memory where I could recall every intricate detail within a matter of seconds and was acknowledged for this trait by everyone; I used to study and read daily which kept my memory thriving even more. Around April 2016, I started to experience short term memory loss along with constant grinding/cracking sound in my neck; I went in to the Docs got my X-Ray and everything showed fine on paper and was told that it was self induced and probably due to my usage of computers that is causing those sounds in my neck, was put on meds but the biggest setback for me was I was unable to recall things the way I used to previously and it kept on increasing, my symptoms increased to have a feelings of disconnection from the world and people, depression, feeling low and vague and being fuzzy headed/brain fog and all these symptoms kept escalating with the passage of time!

I lost vitality in my body and skin, dark circles around my eyes, hair becoming thin and face giving an impression as though I am emaciated even though I work out at the GYM frequently and eat considerable amount of calories ensuring I don’t over train etc.

Since November 2017 I have got this infection out of the blue on my face which doesn’t seem to let go at all, where boils appear on my cheeks and nostrils and and start swelling up with pus (Pics included)
I have spent upwards of 150K of my local currency (around USD $1,500 which in my part of the world is a lot) in treatments and multiple Doctors and Hospital stays, went thru entire body tests and CAT scans of every single part and organ feasible, yet everything is in the normal ranges and nothing out of whack for detection. The Docs are referring it as Folluculitis but cannot figure out why it keeps rebounding and for them its idiopathic i.e unknown origin. As long as I am on Anti-Biotics things start to heal a bit but then its starts coming back, sometime during the course of the treatment only!



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I did this sword banishing ritual from Damon Brand’s Magickal Protection Book last month, where you are suppose to call on Angels Yohach, Kalach, Natzariel and Oziel and for the first time in over two years I felt better for initial two days of the ritual where I felt part of the world and reality again. Unfortunately the effects were short lived and then I gradually started to experience the same issues in the next few days regardless of how many times I would do the sword banishing!

I feel that life is pointless and have the feeling that I am in a dream like state constantly, as if I am watching a movie and on auto-pilot so to speak, I wake up go to the GYM if I feel like it then off to work and pretend to do things etc and then follow the same route to home shove something in mouth and then go to sleep and the entire cycle repeats itself, I have actually no idea how I spent the last year 2017 or even the days uptil today; if I try to recall I feel as though I have put a movie on rewind like on those VHS Cassette players back in the days!

I joined BALG last year around the mid, have performed and done several invocations for this purpose reaching out to Marbas, Orobas, Deggal, Raphael etc but nothing fruitful. Among other stuff I did have slight success with Goddess Hathor and Duke Sallos, in my attempts for guidance with senior members of the forum I was told by @Sophia444 when she meditated on me using an open channel and was told that I have health issues which was back in October, a month before I got the infection on my face!

Apologize for the long post, in desperate need for advise and guidance :disappointed_relieved:


A few thoughts. I actually get the exact same things between the chub of my thighs sometimes in the summer. It happens when a hair follicle get clogged or infected. Those bumps are super painful, so my heart goes out to you brother. You said you work out. Are you taking creatine? If you are, stop. I used to do the same, and it helped me. Stop shaving so close as well. if it is folliculitis then it can be brought back over and over by shaving too closely. If it is possible in your job, try growing a beard and see if it helps. If you grow a beard and the carbuncles stop forming then you will have narrowed down the problem. Now, these can be caused by bacteria or yeast/fungus. Check your environment for molds in weird places, and change your pillow cases, etc. multiple times a week. Be sure to use a deep pore cleanser every day. I know it sounds cliche’, but the Proactive Skin Care System really does work, and it is fairly cheap for that kind of product.

Here is a big one. Did you get your white blood cell count checked? Also, did the doctors check your lymphnode functions? Not trying to freak you out, but a common symptom of a failing lymphnode is local infections; the white blood cells which normally repel dermitological invaders are in short supply so infections take hold easier around the failing gland. You have a lymphnode right behind either side of your jaw, so…yeah. Get it checked. The carbuncles (boils) could just be a symptom of something bigger.

Now, magick-wise. Did you get into a fight with a magickian? What are you doing for upkeep on protections? Have you had success with other evocations/invocations, results-wise? It is good you had some success with Lady Hathor, so maybe pursue that some more.

So you worked with Marbas as well as Raphael. How did you word your request or intent? And how long ago? Just trying to troubleshoot this with you…


Thanks @Woodsman81

I have actually went thru a complete lifestyle change, including changing my pillow case/bedsheets, clothings, dietery changes eventhough its already super clean for the most part comprising of vegetables and fruits and some protein to help with GYM sessions and muscle building. I don’t use any creams etc, new razor blades when I shave even though I don’t shave that much anymore due to this issue and even stopped using Gillette shaving foam under paranoia that it might have been triggering something, heck I even use filtered water to wash my face instead of tap water! Don’t have any indulgences, alcohol, tea, sodas, beverages tobacco etc nor do I use towels and only pat dry my face since my teenage years

Since I stopped shaving due to the issue, facial hair grew quite a bit yet the issue remained the same :sleepy::weary:

I am all natural, no protein shakes no creatine no supplements etc either. I got all my blood tests done CBC Hemoglobin etc but nothing came out my platelet count was in normal ranges but my lymphocytes were slightly minutely above, Doctors didn’t say anything on it!

No altercations with any magicians etc, I started mid-last year only but the issues I am facing have been there since the past 2 years or so!
I only perform Sword Banishing rituals on daily basis since the past month, before that I would wear any Kabbalah Evil eye string on my hand for protection only. Apart from Goddess Hathor and Duke Sallos no success in any invocations uptil now; I tried reaching out to King Paimon, Prince Sitri etc for other purposes but no success unfortunately

While invoking Rapheal, Marbas and all entities I am super respectful and address them using their titles while gazing at their sigils and burning incense and candles and then once I have stated my request I give the license to depart. In offerings I have only given Water to Mother Hathor and Mountain Dew to King Paimon once and left it over for the next 24 Hrs after which I poured the left over in the garden

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Yeah that’s fairly consistent with my experience with this. My white blood cells were slightly high, but I attributed that to environmental factors. I prefer cold environments, and the second half of my showers are ice cold. All those things elevate your white blood cell count a bit. I believe my number for that test was 12 or 13.

On shaving: if you like to keep a clean face consider an electric shaver. It does not give you a skin tight shave, so the irritation to the effected areas is diminished. I have super curly hair and it causes horrific razor bumps; electric shavers are the only thing I can use to keep it under control. I have also found that shaving with moisturizing lotion instead of soap or foam helps if you are going to use a razor. Really, though, consider a natural, mint based deep pore cleanser. You can make one yourself just by taking chamomile, peppermint and lemon juice, mix it with a bit of honey, and slather it on your face. Scrub it in with an exfoliator (I like a loofah) and let it sit for as long as you can take the discomfort that comes with it. If you are getting eye bags and palor to your skin this will help you glow, even if it does not address the carbuncles. Honey is a carrier that is good for the skin, mint, chamomile and lemon all kill various bacteria and fungi, the lemon clears out the pores, and the mint and lemon will close them up and make your skin nice and tight. Individual results may vary, lol.

Well, I at a loss for the physical causes, so let’s turn to magick. Have you considered working extremely intensely with just one healing spirit for a long period? Not in a way that you become obsessed, but in a way that forms an unbreakable bond between the two of you. Even if the spirit does not address the issue directly it may lend you insight on how to recover properly.

I’m talking intense immersion and meditation daily. Daily meditations on, regarding, connecting to, etc, the spirit. Unlocking the sigil every day. Small, relevant offerings on a daily basis. Evocation of and communication with the spirit at least once per week, more if you can. Daily invocation. You want to get to a point where you are getting poltergeist activity in your house and you can feel the spirits energy with you all the time. Just know when to stop, or at least pull back a bit. You do not want to cross the line into obsession.

Some spirits take much longer to connect with than others. Raphael was the hardest for me so far, taking months of attempts. Others will connect with you before you even think to connect with them in the first place. DON’T GIVE UP.

Some people seem to just be able to snap their fingers to make spirit work produce results, and I also think many people over simplify the process. True healing magick is serious work, and you are going to get out of it what you put into it, just like in the gym. You need to approach this like you are training for the Mr. Olympia.

The only problem is that you are doing the magick on yourself and on a regular basis with this approach, so you are going to have to find a work around for keeping your mind off of it while you are out of your temple. Honestly, the best way I know is exactly that; have a separate area just for your workings. EA’s recent temple destroying video really hits it right on the head in the last three minutes regarding this point.

When you walk out of that temple or area you have to separate your mind from it as well. You, the magician, are a magician everywhere you go, but that aspect of your magick cannot exist in your mind while you are out of temple.

The best supporting action I can suggest is to do what you are already doing, concerning taking good care of your body, as well as finding joy as often as your schedule and life allows. I shit you not, joy coupled with healing magick seems to work like nothing else in the world. Don’t ask me why, I just know it works. So have fun, and create joy and health around you, then watch and see if that does not reflect in your own health. Good luck.

I feel like it shouldn’t need mentioning because you seem to be experienced, but have you tried a legitimate, all out 7 day uncrossing ritual, followed by 7 day invocation of Raphael during a waning moon cycle? This series would be 14 days which is from full moon/waxing gibbous all the way to the dark/new moon.
Edit: Forgive me if I’m insulting your intelligence but sometimes when in the thick of it we don’t think of the obvious.

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I have experience with the skin issue. It sounds like you’ve been colonized by either a strep or staph bacteria. On the physical front it can become a part of life, but it helps to keep your skin moisturized and avoid chapping or open skin. I myself am colonized and occasionally get impetigo like a child (it causes a fever, painful lymph nodes, and a lesion, and then is fought out by my immune system in about 4 days). I have to prevent it by not touching my face often, avoiding long stays in hot humidity, and putting petroleum jelly or triple antibiotic lotion up my nose (that’s where they hide and where I get it every 8 months-4 years). Recently, I took a post-lesion full-body diluted bleach bath to attempt decolonization. Also, if you have access to a topical agent called Hibiclens soap, it is a big help. The bacteria doesn’t like tea tree oil or white vinegar either. The fever is often the best solution. Asking for a manageable fever will burn it out and maybe cleanse you of some of whatever toxins you may be carrying to make you fuzzy-minded and tired.

1 in every 4 people are carriers for these kinds of colonization, and most never get infections, but others do when the bacteria gets an opportunity. They tend to hide in your nose, armpits, and/or groin area to avoid being killed off by internal antibiotics. So you have to keep those areas clean and avoid touching your face whenever you have touched any of those bodily areas.

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book an appointment with the nurse at your doctors surgery. she should inject you with local anesthetic which will numb the area then slit it open and remove the infected tissue and puss once all of is out she will stich you up if needed and give you a course of antibiotics so it doesn’t rebuild. then make sure you keep you face clean and dry.



I actually went thru my reports again and verified my white blood cells and they are all in the normal range indeed!
I was using an Electric Shaver only during the last months, but one of my Docs stated that considering all the stuff is made in China so you cannot be sure what those guys are using in the manufacturing material regardless of whichever brand you opt for hence I stopped using the trimmer too

I haven’t gone consistently for slightly above a week with a healing spirit honestly, until call it off for one reason or the other!
Kudos to you for hanging in there for more than 2 months till you made contact with Raphael. Finding joy is really hard to be honest, the worst part is that I have to wear a mask everytime I go out and even at work too, all the side-effects from the Anti-Biotics have wreaked havoc on my body too and I have lost 60 - 70 percent of my hair due to thinning and almost lost all appetite where I have went for more than 2 full days without having anything solid at all

Above and beyond everything including this infection, I am still unable to decipher the feelings of disconnection and being on autopilot since the past two years where I don’t feel I am alive at all and just merely watching a movie.

One thing I forgot to mention, before I contracted this infection in November a month or two before it I keep hearing this ringing in the ears 24/7 which is referred as Tinnitus in medical terms and the cause is unknown for it too nor have I had any accident or trauma due to which any of these issues may be linked to hence my Docs are unable to link it to anything. If you look it up on Google and spiritual forums, people state that its a sign of spiritual awakening and Angels trying to communicate to you but I have yet to see any such contact being made :roll_eyes:

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No I haven’t tried any uncrossing ritual, I only do sword banishing ritual upon waking up and going to bed everyday and sometime during the day if I feel the urge to do so and have done it consistently for more than a month, as stated in the first post initially for a day or two I felt a big feeling of betterment but then the effects started to subside and diminish within the third day after which I haven’t felt anything beneficial at all. Since I did felt good for the first two days while doing the rituals, I have reason to believe that all this has to do something with being cursed/crossed etc esp. when everything on paper and physically seems to be alright!


Yes I was told the same by Docs and in my research, the bacteria resides in the nose and this started off in the nostrils only in my case initially but I am unable to figure out why isn’t it leaving my body and keeps rebounding for the past 6 months in the SAME REGION being my cheeks/nose only?

I did try Tree Oil including white vinegar which I saw on Youtube but it made the boils worse and filled them with more pus, I have tried oil controlling/acne soaps prescribed by my Dermatologist yet nothing seems to work at all. I get high fever once the boils swell up every other day and in the morning once I extract the pus out a bit the fever comes down a bit


Slit it open esp. on the face will leave a big scar on my face :open_mouth:

Have taken container-loads of Anti-Biotics during the past 6 months, but the things keep rebounding sometime even during the course of the treatment only!

it wont it just enough to bresk the skin so they can.push out whats in there. its a really small procedure and your supposed to take it after its been removed. Also steaming your face or a hot towel over the face to kill bacteria is a good way of keeping away after too.

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@Maarij Would you mind if I do some energy healing work? I can use these pics for focus.

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I’m sorry to hear that your efforts and fevers didn’t kill it off. :frowning:

Hibiclens soap is a powerful antibiotic soap used by surgeons before operations, etc. It is available without prescription in most of the USA, but I don’t know about other areas.

When I have impetigo, I have to soak the area with white vinegar to soften and loosen the (sorry so gross) crust and expose the actual infection. Then I literally scour the buggers with Hibiclens multiple times a day. Your’s will be somewhat more difficult to treat because the infection is in the follicle and not on the surface, so the lancing suggestion may be the best.

And my cases always leave me with a new scar. Luckily, they fade with time, and most occur in places that are shadowed by my nose. Your lancing scar would likely be very small and only noticeable to someone who is consciously looking for it.

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Understanding you have made many changes. Diet etc. I resently learned what I though was healthy eating had an awful affect on my body. Consider this…fruits and vegetables high in Lectins, can cause a great deal of the problems you just described. I cut those things out for one week and the energy returned skin looks healthy again etc. just a thought might be something to also consider.

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@MatthewMark Sure please go right a head, I am in dire need for any and all assistance!

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Hi @Maarij …

I would recommend talking with a psychiatrist, a dermatologist, and a neurologist.
I would recommend an EEG, a CAT scan of the entire head from all four angles, as well as the same with a MRI. I would speak with the dermatologist in particular of the infection and possible environmental factors as well as allergies. Do a full physical cleaning of your environment and set a ward, also change your diet and increase meditation on positive aspects of yourself with daily increasing five minute intervals. I would also recommend one of the better magicians here do an energy sensing on you, and your environment. @telgega, @levilevi, @Aiden_Crow first come to mind.

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@Fuego Thanks for the detailed response, when you say “set a ward” can you confirm what you mean by that?

Diet should I become more vegetable oriented etc?


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I would PM @Aiden_Crow about this as he helped me start on setting one.

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