Help - please


Not to be an add. But seek professional help. Uncle Chuckie once said to never try magic/psionics when you are depressed or suicidal.

Take care of yourself first. Good luck.

If you see no point in life then why you come and here ask for help ?
You tried a LOT of rituals ? for. . What ?
It is not a matter of trying a Lot of them
You pick the right one and you do it over and over and over until there are results.
Plus…if you really are suicidal and you see no point for living…
You came to the wrong place buddy…
Here most of the people Deals with Demons…i am sure that in your situation it could only get worst.
You need to have something to fight for, something that you really want,…
Otherwise Spirits are probably just going to abuse of you and your Weak State of Life.
Be confident, choose the right Ritual, do it a million times if needed.
Every time try a different thing, if it doesn’t work, next time try different.
But most of all, believe.
Which you don’t…
You barely believe you are going to live much longer…

If i could slap you right now and open your eyes i would, but i cant.

You know what you should do ?

Go to a church

Ask for help.

lol…but then…you also dont believe in angels or any of those things…
you mostly just believe that you are going to spell a bunch of words out of your mouth in the right conditions in your room and something magickal is going to happen, well, forget that.

Sunas, how do you know he doesn’t believe in angels? Do you know him, or is it an educated guess. Your words make me think that you may know him.

Sunas is a twat, I dont know him, but it is plain to see

I don’t know him from anywhere at all, someone else does.

Ahh, though you two knew each other.

Anyways, please do seek help. No one is a lost cause.

what they said,

and you can also search for spiritual healers such as reiki masters and/or similar therapist

I know this may sound silly, but in that situation looking ofr inspiration is something very important, read about the life of people who were great characters in history and lurk into their past, they didn’t always lived in sunshine… buddah for exampe was freak… if you lik to watch movies, a pair that can help you are “Zen: The life of Dogen” or “A Peaciful Warrior”, very inspiring since they were the real deal.

If anything can help try Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, he may be “too mainstream” but he is the real deal. obviously taking care of yourself, looking for legal help is necesary, his aproach to life can help with clearing your mind and that will help you to tkae the next steps…

You can even search for Tonny Robins videos, that guy really can help people out of difficult situations…

If anything remember something: you were born with a purpose, now it depends on you to either live up to find that purpose and manifest it in the world or to give up, it’s your call since none else in the unviersehas authority over your spirit but You.

now all this advices can be considered “outside” of magick and even tho Magick can be the next step in your journey, I can assure you there is not a “single spell” or “single ritual” that all by itself will “fix your life”, it’s a path and a big responsbility.

now… if magick advice you need I’ll recurre to Raphael or Michael, looking for their sigils and doing what is explained here

ask for protection or healing or both but be sure to take other measures aswell

Definitely what he needs. That is why i told him to go to a church, i knew that by doing it he would probably get there on his own :wink:


didn’t do it though!

Doesn’t matter. They think you did. So fight it! Learn from it. If you goto jail. Come out stronger and take back what is yours!

Look up the thread “Shadows” (I am on my phone now so I can’t post a link to it) Belial gave me a binding spell that so far has been getting great results. You could try that.

Yeah all of his customers seem VERY satisfied!

^^ Truth!

Yep Necromaster has become pretty popular…

Jail sucks, been there, done that.

If it weren’t for it though, I’d still be a piece of puddy. Go in a boy, drop your sack, and come out a man.

By the time you come out the demons won’t scare you, they’ll respect you.

On a real note…in the time between now and your trial: Study law and ditch the lawyers, because once you hire them, you ARE in their jurisdiction. You are considered you a ‘Ward of the court’ of unsound child-like mind for being foolish enough to hire one.

Think I’m kidding?

This is business. These aren’t de jure common-law courts, every court is an admiralty corporate court that is listed on Dun & Bradstreet. You’re nothing but a legal fiction to them unless you proclaim yourself Sui Juri, because once they get you, you become surety for a bond when you enter into their jurisdiction. They ultimately make huge profits from this…long story.

Look at it this way though, if you go to jail for something you didn’t do, or had every right to do beyond Caesar’s so-called ‘law’(Corporate Statutes), the people that fucked you over become your bitch for the rest of your life. You’ll have plenty of time to discover and think up new ways to fuck them back. Kind of gives life a purpose when you think about it, doesn’t it? (evil laugh)

E.A. said he did some magick with Belial to get out of bad spot. I’m working with Belial now, I also have some legal issues, and he confirmed for me what I already knew, there ain’t no substitute for a strong, well educated mind who knows who you are inside of ‘their’ system. (Its a rigged game, they aren’t even really dealing with ‘you’, but the corporate fiction).

Once the jig is in, it’s hard to wiggle out of, the earlier you use magick and mind power to manipulate the situation, the better. If it comes down to it and you go inside though, use your time wisely and don’t associate with the retards, cause there’s more than you can imagine inside that place.

Good luck kid

so you’re in attack mode lol

you can open the sigil of Andras, who I haven’t worked with since I’ve read is quite deadly

the same link in my first post, Dantalion I know for experience is really good making people change his mind and feelings, with Belial you’ll gain favor from others, but if you want punishment I feel Andras is the right guy

Is there anything else I could do, say to make the witness ill?