Help passing a physical test?

Hello! I’m Desi, long time lurker.
I had my PAT for my county’s police academy and I was 1:30 over the time I needed… it is a physical agility course. any advice for who would help with something like this?

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While you could ask spirits for help, it would be quicker to make up a similar test to just practice at home since the spirits will ALWAYS work on their time and not yours no matter what you do.

I had to do this [my own practice course] once for a similar test for a federal agency I will not name. It helped a ton.

That being said, I wish you the best of luck.


Totally agree. Consider how much time you have until the re-test and build your training around that. You’ve done it once now, so you know what aspects of the test you need to work on.
Brings back some memories. In one testing process I underwent in a former profession, one component stands out in my memory. It was only a 12km run, fine easy enough you think… but we had to do it carrying 75kg of equipment over variable terrain (some of the guys weighed less than that themselves). I’m pretty sure some of my knee, foot and neck issues that plague me to this day started there :slight_smile:


Do sprint Fartleks and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), if you can find a crossfit near you those guys can help.

Call on healing entities like Raphael, Ebuhuel and Marbas for optimal recovery time and muscle building, and check your nutrition to make sure your ATP (energy for your muscles so they respond as fast as they can) is on point. A pre workout supplement can help.


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Thank you! Very good point. I’m trying to train as best I can. This is my dream career so I’m putting my all into it!

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I would run the home course every couple of hours every day until I got the best time I could. I thought I would fail because I thought I didn’t improve… until I got the second best time on test day.

You’ve got this. When it’s your dream job, you will push yourself hard to get it.