Help out a beginner

I am a novice or say beginner. I have done no magic so can anyone illumunate me where to start

First, focus on meditation and obviously focus. Lol

Watch V.K Jehannum’s videos on YouTube, he has a wide plethora of videos including a guide for beginner Black Magicians.

His website also has a stack-load of info. Check out black witch coven and arcane archive.

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Start with meditation and learn all the things that you will need to learn in order to achieve your goals, like divination, banishings, evocation, etc.

I would also suggest you to read the rules of this forum.

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Yes, study Kabbalah and astrology/Tarot/runes. Do concentration on breathing: in the first form of the practice, you may imagine a grey air entering and leaving your nostrils and lungs, meanwhile thinking “I inhale, I exhale”. Read the classical authors (Agrippa, Levi, Papus etc.) and grimoires: Grimorium Verum, Lemegeton, Heptameron… Concentrate on an object, also by considering its size, shape, colors.

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