Help needed to deal with a parasite

I’ve been harrassed by a parasite for over 2 years, its been trying to drive me insane, its put up sigils all over my parents house, threw up a black barrier around it temporarily and tried to corrupt everyone that came near it.
Then it kidnapped someone’s power animal, he got his owl back later. It’s strong enough to cause me physical pain and try to drive me to suicide and only shows up or is active once the sun sets.

I’ve heard Duke Murmur can help me with it, but can it procreate on its own, will there be any eggs to get rid of? Can I just ask Duke Murmur to help, or do I need to ask Hekate first? Can anyone do any scanning to see if it left any sigils or anything else on or near me please?

I’ve read up and know what I need to do to prevent another parasite from effecting me or atleast make it pretty damn difficult.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Also a few days ago I did burn a letter of intent, asking for Queen Lilith to match me with an Incubus, could Duke Murmur harm him, if I asked him to get rid of the parasite? If so is there any other Demons I could ask for help removing it?

Also could the parasite harm the incubus I asked to meet? Its a strong parasite, maybe im worrying over nothing but I cant hear or see anything, to see if he(the incubus) is okay. What I do know is I think he’s the one who watched me since I was a small kid. I was not aware of the parasite when I burned the letter.

Thank you for your time and any advice given! I was a fool to not realise this sooner. Lesson learned. Its payback time now.

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I once read this ritual for which Murmur should come and devour every hostile being.
It didn’t work for me but maybe you are successfully with it? Try it.

If it helps for now, or a possible later, try to make contact with a shamanic person you can trust.
A shaman can be of great help.
I’m glad to have mine.

Best wishes to you for your situation.
I hope you’ll find anybody who can help
more than me.

I did try it, nothing happened, perhaps Duke Mumur doesn’t want to help me. Im unsure of what I should do next, this thing has been banished but keeps coming back.

A year later, i know.
Did you figure out what, who, how to resolve this issue?
I ask because I’ve got two imposter parasites that have been around many years and have likely created strong cords & temporary contracts. (i mention this, cause it was explained to me that that’s why they kept coming back so quickly after being banished)
One problem being, I’ve felt one of them write on my forehead and I think over my heart. I sure as hell hope it’s not something to ward or block of any help I’d try to get from others.
I’ve tried getting help from Archangel Michael, Hekate and Odin.

I’ve also been thinking of contacting Murmur. I don’t know of anyone nearby that I trust to contact these beings for me … and being broke seriously limits my options in asking specific magicians for help.