Help needed to break a couple. Please help me

I want help in destroying a couple. He is mh ex partner and for a year i tried to make them break up. Where i am going wrong?
I am truly in love with him. He doesn’t want to hear anything of me anymore. I attempted suicide a few times. I call him every day he blocks me everywhere and he is with her. I am truly in despair and i don’t know if i can keep living like this.

For references, yes i am in therapy and on pills. Nothing works so far.
Please help

I’m not sure dredging up every topic even close to the subject is going to get you any answers, people live all across the globe here and you kind of have to give them a chance to respond.

Typically when someone does what I see you doing here, they end up with very few responses of use as most view this type of behavior as desperate, lusting for results and annoying.

It becomes even worse if you been given sound advice and your too stuck on the obsession to take it.

Just a friendly note, so that perhaps you can curb that desire and get it on a leash and actually accomplish your goals.

All this spamming and obsessing over what you want is more likely to get you what you don’t want than anything else. :blush:

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Thank you for responding. I’m sorry for being annoying is just that i have tried some called spellcasters before and is up to half a year and no result. I did everything wrong from calling him obsessively to hire a lot of " genuine" spellcasters. This time i would wish to initiate myself to this and with any risks to do it myself, of couse i need someone to help me with the steps. I have downloaded a lot of book regarding Demonolatry but i have not understood much before. Do you have any idea how to approach this.?Thank you for rwplying earlier.

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Honestly when it comes to break ups my opinion is to work on yourself.

If you have any hope of getting their return it usually lies in fixing the things that went wrong, accepting the past is a done deal, and being willing to get your shit together and not demanding they meet all your whims while refusing to do the same for them.

One of the things that’s not even magical and gets an exes attention is when you are doing great without them. Not trying to get them back, appearing to not want them even if you do. Appear strong, stable and ready to take on this new life without them- even if you don’t feel it yet.

I recommend taking up a new hobby (yes doing magic yourself counts) and getting out of the house and living. Letting this obsession eat you alive will repel the ex and deepen his new relationship.

I don’t practice Demonolatry personally, though I consider myself familiar with the practice. I’ve worked through several of S. Connolly’s books and if I recall correctly she has what she calls Chap books in kindle unlimited and on her website for beginners.

They don’t get too in depth and may leave you with questions, but we could probably help some with that if you read them and had questions still.

Most of her other works are a bit tough for beginners as they require an eye for discernment and the ability to put your own rituals together.

I highly recommend her Book Of Agares though even to beginners- I did it when I was pretty new and it’s basically the creation of a magical journal that serves as a divine extension of your will.

I had really really really high results from it for a beginner, and I couldn’t even procure all of the ingredients and made a substitution or two because of costs at the time. I did use blood in my oil of Agares and I did anoint each page and follow the process of charging it with Agares- I didn’t even have my senses close to what they are now.

I originally was adverse to all the blood letting, now that doesn’t bother me but I still find no need to take a religious or worshipper type approach to my practice though I do offer honor and gratitude in addition to other items such as blood and menses where it’s appropriate for me and my workings.


The other thing, man I’ve been with people that I had past lives connections to and things I didn’t think anyone could ever be better for me than that person…

And I’ve found that they were merely a sliver of what I could have, and that what I actually deserve does exist and is obtainable and so much better than the ex I obsessed over for nine months

So I tend to look at ex cases as yeah, that was great, you can bare to loose it, so can you even begin to imagine how great it would be if you were actually with the right person for you?

Most people can’t even fathom it, but it exists out there and it’s worth letting go of the exes for, I promise.


This is the problem, your attachment … noone should have to put up with being this miserable or chained by emotion. It sounds like even if these two broke up, he will find another as he’s averse to you now you acted kind of insane at him: it’s got nothing to do with other women.

Instead fix the pain rather than band aid it. You want to top hurting. I suggest a cord cutting to remove your attachment, and eliminate the despair.

Maybe try this one

In your state, doing more magick on him tends to make it worse not better: you’re in too much paint and want, and like attracts like. You are likely to get more obsessed not less, and he can feel the magick as an attack, which it is, and run away even harder.

If you love him, try to feel that as unconditional: stop attacking him and trying to ruin is choices and let him be happy.

As you say you are suicidal, please make sure your therapist understands this and you have the right support. A magick forum is not what you need and we cannot provide adequate support for mental health issues.

PLEASE don’t do anything rash, this WILL pass, call your local suicide hotline or an in person friend who can come over and give you the hugs and support you need to get through this, especially if you feel you are going to self harm.

I’m closing this post now, I’m not trying to be mean, doing magick is really best done when people are mentally and emotionally stable.