Help Money spell

I need money spell help.
Life is too much bad condition

There are dozens more on this site, all i did was hit the search button on put in “Money Spell”
Good Luck!


First off, if this is to just get rich, this sigil will not help, for this sigil to work it has to be a legitimate NEED. I was inspired by Lord Belial, and Chief Marbas to draw this.


Also, a whole thread full of methods that worked for people here:


I need help. Please…

Please list easy working money spells I have money candle and done a spell with herbs are there any that work quickly??

Click on the link in Eva’s post above yours that details money spells people have had success with.


Draw the sigil of Lord Pendralion in green on Thursday just when the sun is rising, then lock your eyes upon the sigil and gaze at it. Take a large inhale and then exhale slowly while vibrating from the throat, “Lord Peeeeh-ndraaaaaa-liiiiiiiii-ooooon”. Repeat this process while imagining about your end results (you getting the money you want, you using the money happily, being very grateful, rejoicing while saying you are grateful the money has comed faster in you life.). Reapeat the process for about 10 - 30 min, or 30 - 40 times. Put as many happy and grateful emotions as much as possible. Once you feel its enough or after 10 - 30 min of the process, then conclude by raising Lord Pendralion’s sigil in the air infront of you and say this:
“Oh Lord Pendralion, i welcome thee into my life for the sake of finacial assitance. I beseech and pray thee to bring me forth (AMOUNT OF MONEY) in duration of (NO. OF DAYS), so that i may (REASON FOR USE OF MONEY).
Alash tad alash tal ashtu Pendralion.
Alash tad alash tal ashtu Pendralion.
Alash tad alash tal ashtu Pendralion.
Thank you, thank you and now depart to quickly perform my request.”