Help me with Lord Lucifer

Hello there,
First of all I want ask a question, Is this forum created only for writing people’s experiences or to learn something. I want to know to to summon the dark lord lucifer and when i type in the search bar about lucifer i get nothing more than bloody experiences. Pls don’t be offended by this statement but many people may agree with me.
So my main problem is I am a complete Beginner and I want to get a guide to contact Lucifer but i didnt get that in the search button. So those who shared their experiences please share me the step by step procedure you followed to summon him cause it will be very helpful to me.
Thank YOU.
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There are eighty thousand threads about Lucifer.

You contact him same as any other, with invokation/evokation. Just use any of the several guides for invoke or evoke and then get Lucifer’s enn and sigil. You can’t fail to find it, I don’t think there is any other topic more popular in this forum.

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can you send me the link please

@anon34967090 recently revealed that she is the daughter of Lucifer. Perhaps you might ask her for help with her father? :heart_eyes:

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is she serious?

All you need is a red candle, his sigil and incense. Even tools are not necessary since you are a beginner it will help you.
Gaze at the sigil till the color changes, or it may glow whatever the color changes means there is communication with him, chant the enn Renich taasa uberaca biasa icar lucifer
Now once you call him he wont be there that instance remember he is a Lord and should be respected

If you call him definitely he will hear you and dont worry if you cant see him or hear him, if you want to make him know you are serious put some blood on the sigil (i suggest dont go with blood the first since you are a beginner blood is a strong tool connected to your body it can attract unwanted spirits, you may have to do a banishing ritual after it.)

But you will see signs to show his presence like - candle flickering , tingling sensation through your body. Most people felt a huge energy in them but it can be different according to your experience

Remember respect him


thank you dont mind if i ask a few more question in future after trying this

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but how do i talk to him a really want to have a talk and get my questions answered

Do you think it’s not enough what I wrote to you?! Don’t ask people the same question I answered already!


Ok but i wanted thoughts of many people

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There are no other thoughts,evocation is always the same

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And do you think that the girl is speaking truth by saying she is daughter of lucifer


So guys this is what I wrote this man to help him to do evocation right if someone think he could cover this topic better pls help him! I am done ! :grin::woman_shrugging:t3:


First of all i am just 15 so not a man till nowXD. And as i told you i thought that the method didnt work so i had posted this before replying you so sorry if you are offended but yeah this was the reason

Why don’t you talk to her and decide for yourself?

You cant do everything overnight do some research first, this forum is Full of threads about lucifer use the search button dude.

Its the same thing man, no point of asking like @princessofdarkness said evocation is always the same

I believe everyone speaks the truth in here its better if you ask her.

What didnt work? if you are expecting results the first day then forget about it. Its not like calling upon a waiter to serve you and talk with you. I suggest you do more heavy research


Ok i will keep on trying

He is invoked every time you say and or thing his name.

Fun stuff. Privacy gets annoying.

If he doesn’t show it doesn’t mean it didn’t work, it simply means he’s either busy or chose to not respond. Evocations/Invocations are like phone calls, he has free will to pick up the phone or not. Have patience.