Help me to summon sallos

I have a question. I have losing my gf. She is my ex now. We never had a fight she said i was her dream boy i was her love. She loves me a lot she care about me. But she diddnt feel love.

I want to summon sallos ( and i try it in different ways but than i feel a conection and tos a coint head or tale. Maybe of was luck or maybe not but the coint told me to let her fall in love with me. So now thinks got worse she deleted me on sociale media when i did nothing wrong. I only post a picture of my self that i lose weight.

I want to summon sallos but i want to do it right. Can is speak in my own language? And what must i say to summon him. Do i need to draw his sigil? Or can i print one from the internet? Do i also need a pentagram. And hoe many candels. I listing his chant all day the medidate one. Sarena alora sallos akan.

So can jou help me with. How many candels what i must say what i must do to summon him wich time i need to do this and so go one. And i and as sacerifice a beer of Heineken. Can someone explain me everything step nu step?

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Follow those instructions. And yes, you can speak in your native language.

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I did it. I couldnt see him. But the light of the candle was lower when i ask him to come. Than i felt ghoosbumps on hall my body. And literly he was moving my body. It went up and down al the time. Also when i summon him and i had the picture in my head. I felt a hard power like my ears where deaf for a min and i felt dizzy. He diddnt want to reply on the candel i ask him if he wanted to dance with the candel light. But he diddnt do that. Than i aks him move my body with yes for and back. (He did that) than i ask him move my body to no. Left and right ( He also did that ) it was like my body was dancing. When i told what i wanted i ask him if he wanted to do that he reply with yes ( with my body) i ask him if he want another offer than beer and a red candel. He said no( with my body) when i ask him to leave i saw his body in my head leaving my room. After that i felt les energie in my room. When i did come back i felt still some energie so i used the spiritual light ball and i work a little is till have a chillig cold ghoosbumps feeling. Not only that when sallos was here ad the first i felt fair. But after a minut a felt normal

I hope i did make contact and i got my ex gf back. Do you think the mighty sallos was with me? Hail sallos❤

You could simply Chant his name with the intention of calling him, or doing that while staring at his sigil till it flashes, you don’t need candles or anything extra unless you want to. And trust me he hears you in whatever language you speak. Good luck what’s meant to happen will happen in divine timing good luck!!! @ripper_1994


Thank you. My ex gf also start te chat with me normaly. And after morning she is crule again. I dont know if it did work to summon him. Van someone give me maybe a hint. If he was it and how long it wil take. Or do i need to do the ritueel again?

According to a school of thought, when you see opposite results you should indeed repeat the working; another point of view is for doing the operation once, then trust in success and forgetting about it, provided that all emotion and desire were consumed during the ritual or the spell.


Okay i wil do it again tonight yesterday i did it on 01:00. Is that a good time? She acting strange its like she is now with someone els like im not home tonight and stuf she lives on her own. This is the opposite. Is it posible sallos need some time to do it?

Sunrise-noon according to the Goetia, but contacting him at 01 may still be fine. Yes, some workings take only hours or days to manifest results, but weeks or even more time may be necessary.

I did it 3 times but it diddnt work is there another way to summon sallos?

According to the aforementioned point of view, you keep doing a ritual or spell everyday. But when you explicitly adress specific Spirits, they already heard you, so another option is to somewhat forget about the magical working and wait. Generally if you have candles, incense etc. you may add them to your operations; a rope or string may be used as magical circle, a background music played from Youtube (monaural, Holst’s planetary or Altus elemental tunes) etc.

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Please, don’t be too much obsessed. Believe in Sallos. He is always hearing. He had helped me previously. Thanks Sallos.


I try to summon on a different place.

I made a sigil with my blood red inkt and burn hair. Than i draw a sigil just with red inkt. I did it this time outside. I draw a star a big one on the ground. And every corner a candel. I had a mirror with some candle stuf on the mirror. I summon sallos with one sigile under the mirror. And a pic of my ex gf. I had a big candle in my hand. And a ouija bord. First i diddnt work. But than i burn the normal drawing sigile. ( the blood one was onder the mirror) than i felt chill. And i summon him again. Ad that moment i saw a silent hillface on my face. It was strange and the chill it was first scary. But that was over soon alone in the dark woods and i diddnt feel scared. My face was white no eyes and a strange mouth. Of was like this l l
Than i als him to help me and what i willen to give in return. There was a heavy wind sometime but the candle diddnt blow out. When i was done i felt the chill again. And i say thank you sallos for making this pact with me. I confirm the pact one more time and the figure in mirror was moving. He diddnt respon on the ouija bord. But when i told him im end this ritueal you are free to do what you want if you go back or stay with me a little do it in peace. I love hou sallos. Than i put on my bord i do it in my back. And littlery ( no strong wind) when i look in the mirror. All of the candle and i mean all of them 7 total blows out. Just in ons second everything was dark. And the figure in the mirror was gone.

Is this a good experians? Also that je put al the candle out?

Is te pact and bond i have with him active now? I hope someone can explaim me what and how! And how long it wil take?

Hail and love sallos❤