Help me assess the reason for my failure

Alright, so i did an evocation of paimon in order to get me out of going to an event i didnt want to go to but had to. Anyways, this event required a uniform, and i suggested to paimon that he do something that would make the uniform not come, because if it didnt, it may get me out of having to go to this shitty event. So lo and behold…a week or two later, the husband of the lady working on these uniforms died. He was on dialysis, and what was interesting is that according to what i was told, he was perfectly fine not too long ago and so the death was a shock.

One theory going around is that she was so swamped with new orders that she decided to take on out of greed, she kinda neglected him over the last few days which may have led to him dying (because he needs to be plugged into dialysis and monitored quite often). What was really interesting though is that although she was able to finish most of the uniforms, the one she just so happened to be unable to complete was my own. At that point i was like, holy shit…someone died just so i could ditch a silly event lol. But the results didnt last, because she apparently was able to push through her grief and finish my uniform at like the very last minute, and i ended up having to attend said event :frowning:

So what gives! How does such a resounding success reverse into a total failure like that? Have any of you had such an experience? To be so close yet so far…


I’ve had things like this happen a few times. More so with spells than evocation, usually there’s a lesson to understand somewhere in the mess of it. I would suggest either some sort of divination to see if you can find the answers, or evoke king paimon again. As long as you’re respectful and ask him exactly why it didn’t work, verses being accusatory, it should be fine.


You might not like this answer, but here goes. You called upon a King to perform a task barely suited for one of his servants. The word “no” is amazing, don’t you think? I had a similar experience with Him, which I will leave the details out of, but it failed as well, ending with “You called me here for THIS?!?!” (guttural hrrmmmph, evocation over).


Don’t always look as these things failures. One purpose of these Gods once we have connected to them, is they lead you into the correct path. As we always say, these things work in mysterious ways. Many of times things went wrong just for me to realize down the road, that what was masked as a failure, was actually a means of creating a path to success. Keep an open mind about it in my opinion.


Perhaps there’s something important you have to get out of this situation, from what I’ve experienced, some events are linked to our future and plays a role to keep us moving towards that destination.


I like to use the Alternate Worlds theory and the concept of “Timeline Branching.” So lets say you got your result perfectly… that only accounted for the moment you would not get your uniform. But then naturally a series of events after that fact also have to unfold… that is where Alternate Timeline Branching happens where many different possibilities could unfold after the fact of his death that allow for what I call “Course Corrections.”

If you are Commandeering a Ship and you keep on being checkmated, but by some for of Divine Intervention a certain something fucks things up, or you steer your ship at the right moment that leads you to a better route towards winning.

Your thinking was “short-sighted.” You were focused on the product of the goal, and instead perhaps not on the consequences or possibilities which may happen after that due to a great many factors coming into play.


You know about your particular story i cant really say as i had a wierd experience myself using the Book of smokeless fire by S Ben Qayin, now i created a sigil blessed it with blood said my prayers and everything called the djinn up and told him what i sought now at the time i needed this particularly dangerous person to go away now up til now nothing has worked hence my seriousness in calling a djinn, now then to get to my point instead his wife died on my birthday this could have caused him to spin out worse yet instead he was busy with his loss now i never in a million years would wish death on someone but some mfers need to go away, i am still dealing with this ass of a human though no where near as bad as before where my own life was threatened and like i know djinns to be after i burnt his seal releasing him from the task it came to my mind that i had not gained his friendship before asking such a momentous favor so i dunna sir still working on my own magical quandary.

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When I was newer to magic, I tried casting a love spell. I had a specific target in mind. It didn’t work because the target was already dating someone. They have a good relationship together and I’m friends with both of them now.

Sometimes things just need to happen or stay for the better, wether you like it or not.


Sounds to me like he looked at the web of cause > event chains (which I have reason to believe is how spirits see things, UPG there though of course) and pushed at the most likely probability, which was this guy dying (he could have croaked any time, with a missus like that prone to neglecting him) but it still didn’t quite work.

I also non-sarcatsically have heard and been told myself that he likes to be addressed as King Paimon even in speech and writing, so not giving him his honorific and not even a capital P may have made him take a similarly “meh” approach, I mean spirits don’t technically have human emotions and reactions, but they can appear pretty similar in matters of dignity and ego - I say that supportively and not being snarky to ya! :wink:

E.A. gave some good advice regarding a time King Paimon didn;t deliver the exact result he asked for here, don’t know if anything in it may be applicable here?


interesting thoughts guys. keep em coming

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When chanting his enn is addressing him as just “Paimon” sufficient?
Linan Tasa Jedan Paimon
Will i have to instead say
Lini Tasa Jedan King Paimon?

No his enn should be fine as it is. :thumbsup:

But in general he’s told me and other people he likes his title used, in most cases. Spirits don’t treat everyone the same any more than humans do, but it won’t hurt to err on the side of politeness.


The whole sickness and death thing seems to be common, as if the magic chooses the path of least resistance and straight lines. I once did a wish fulfillment for an athlete who wanted me to “prove” what I was about when I was younger. I worked on it for a week with just intent (I didn’t know anything about evocation at the time), and that athlete sought me out and told me that he had wanted to be the fastest guy on his Track and Cross-Country Running team…and what happened was that the actual fastest guy got so sick that he had to quit the team, and the athlete I helped was suddenly the fastest guy on the team.

I wouldn’t know about the course corrections though.

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Law of Contract.

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