Help! King Belial sudden change In manifestation

I was chanting his enn, just giving energy to him as thanks for all he has helped me (along with a little bit of opening myself up for channeling)with then suddenly, bam, I start feeling super hot and bothered followed by extremely intimate sensations in certain private places.

Typically I get this when my incubus partner is with me but it was definitely King Belial’s energy, I got flustered and cut off my channeling.

I feel completely and utterly embarrassed. What will my incubus darling think!!! X.X

I respect King Belial and he’s done so much for me but I can’t understand why this sudden change happened, is this normal for him? Once I was very clearly not ok and started cutting off connection, it all stopped but now I’m so anxious. Did I offend King Belial, did I upset my incubus?!

Is Belial a sexual being? Am I misunderstanding his manifestation?

So what if you did?

Boundaries are boundaries. Belial is no exception. Demonic king or not, you must stand within your sovereignty and autonomy.

Whether Belial is testing those boundaries or “misread the room”, you should be firm regardless.

There does seem to be a pattern where female practitioners are concerned. It’s been mentioned several times on the forum before.


Oh, ok, so stopping it there was a good call then. I still plan to work with him, but as a SA survivor, it was alarming. I’ll set some clear boundaries and go from there

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I have heard plenty of women complaining of this happening. I’m sure belial means well like always. He’s quite the ladies man it seems. Lol


I haven’t had this with Belial, but I did once with Azazel. Setting boundaries that “that’s not what we’re doing here” is fine, they don’t get offended and won’t stop working with you.

I have been approached by an Earthbound entity that was probably a Fae and rejecting them hurt them and made them angry. But a higher being, I don’t expect that issue with.

It could also just be a case of culture shock: they don’t see exchanging energy through the root the same way we do and they could have been going for an energy building or healing effect that my communication skills were not up to receiving: not sure though. :woman_shrugging:

Best to ask him, not us.


Good news, my incubus isn’t mad, he was simply like telling me I should always set boundaries at the start of working with anyone, human or otherwise.

Yeah. I suppose I should, just didn’t think about it till now.

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I uh… had a talk with King Belial, and uh yeah, things are taking a way different path now. My polycule and incubus are considering allowing eventual sexual interaction in the future, but only on consensual terms.

I don’t think he would do otherwise and WHY IS HE SO CHARMING but also, he is very charming and I look forward to working with him more and hope I don’t get a surprise like this in the future.

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