(Help) Is Lilith Calling Me?

Hi, ladies and gents. Lucius here.

So, my first evocation (ever) was a few days ago. I evoked Lucifer for my first time, and boy, was it a life-changing experience. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same after it. Coming to this path had to be the greatest decision i had ever made.

Lucifer wants me to evoke Azazel next, because he would like to speak to me in person. So far i have received synchronistic signs of confirmation from Azazel himself.

Along with this, I’ve been seeing Lilith’s name everywhere. Sometimes I find myself randomly thinking about her, as well. Now, I had never planned to evoke this entity before. But after my first evocation of Lucifer, her name seems to follow me. This exact situation happened with Lucifer himself. It is also presently happening with Azazel.

Right now I’m sort of stuck in a rut. I definitely will evoke Azazel, but I am uncertain of if I should confront Lilith, as I’ve heard from other magickians that she is not a good spirit (and even dangerous) for beginning magickians. Perhaps its just fear and myth, i dunno. Im stuck! :frowning:

Is it a good idea to approach Lilith at such an early age of my path? Is she really dangerous for beginners? If so, then why is she calling me? Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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Fear is the mind killer. Imagine what you’d do if you weren’t afraid, and do that.

Or, flip a coin - heads evoke Lilith, tails don’t. If you get either and feel bad about it, do the opposite.
Lilith is a decent sort, you’ll be fine.


She was the second spirit I ever connected with as a beginner, don’t worry, just be respectful and kind and you won’t have any problems with her, she’s so kind and bubbly, don’t listen to all the speculations. Have you seen any spiders? And also just draw her sigil and chant her enn and see what happens :grin:


Thanks for those words, Maulbeere. Fear is indeed a mind killer, albeit a soul killer as well!

The coin flipped heads, by the way, multiple times in a row. I suppose I will pursue her further lol. Cheers!


Thanks, Senoc! Will do.

And yes, for the past week, there has been an unusual increase in the amount of spiders I’ve been seeing. In random videos, movies, games, photos, and in real life. I didn’t think much of it until you brought it up! Is this a sign as well?


She isn’t dangerous unless you do or say something utterly stupid to anger her. I found her to be a motherly, caring type, who really was very easy to work with and she is lovely. Go ahead and summon her, even if it’s to introduce yourself and ask her if it’s time to work with her yet.


Yes, within the first week or two of me connecting with Lilith I had 3 of them crawling on me at various times and seen huge ones everywhere, in fact in the middle of a session a spider crawled out right infront of her sigil.

Lilith is not dangerous. Let go of that myth. She is actually very sweet and motherly. You’ll be surprised to how she will come to you. She definitely surprised me.


Inserts Diablo IV trailer here. (watch it till the end)

Jokes aside, Mother was one of the first spirits I actually called upon ever and did so to help me confront my weaknesses and limiting beliefs, and boy did she deliver. And boy that was not funny. Pulled me through the flames she did, but I am all the better for it now. That’s the crux: she will help you absolutely, but you need to brace yourself for the help you will receive because you may be held accountable to confront your weaknesses :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, she is not dangerous in that she is not malicious. She can dish out punishment obviously - she is a powerful spirit after all. But she won’t do that towards a celebrant or someone petitioning her. Like other’s have said she is very motherly despite all the stories.

One of the first thing I did also on this path is to bind myself to her by asking her for the hand of one of her daughters. Needless to say she delivered on that too, and she was extremely fast at the matchmaking as well.

Just approach her with the respect you would have towards a mother-figure that you respect, and it’ll work itself out in time just fine.

Good luck! :blush:


Good evening!!

I have been noticing some similarities as our friend Lucius here, & when I connect with a new spirit I use Satan & Suns demonic Enns chants to aid me in connecting with new entities. Typically I yield great results, (Duke Dantalion is a little hard for me to connect with though)…Do you think this method would be acceptable to her as a way of first contact??

I just evoked Lilith tonight and I saw the portal open up and this giant ass spider coming through it…lookin’ like one of those giant spiders off of a movie. I knew it was her, but it is interesting to read this.

Yeah, Lilith is a sweetheart. Very powerful and a real team player. She is very eager to help people with their magic.

There is a direct link between Lucifer and Lilith, and Lilith is a gateway to the Nightside of the Tree of Death.

Big spooky words just to say that she represents primordial power…

#TeamLilith :slight_smile:

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I respect Lilith a lot. I’ve never called her or worked with her on a magical level, but I’d say if you are seeing signs from her and she’s constantly on your mind, she is trying to make contact with you.

I have never had a bad experience when I responded to any spirit that reached out to me first (even with the ones that have a reputation for being dangerous). If she’s reaching out to you, she is not doing it to try and harm you.


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