Help identify deity/ spirit

During meditation, it happened involuntary, to have an OBE
I was slowly getting up from my body while I was looking at the roof
At one point I started seeing a dark fog around me so when I turned my head to the right there was this dark woman shaped fog with a crown on her head
It wasn’t any scary or malicious feeling , she even tried to tough me with her heand but as I never experienced this my heart started to go insane and I couldn’t control my thought anymore and felt down in my body :frowning:
During another meditation it apperead again but a little different : with hands made of rainbows
I knew it was the same because it had the same energy but yet again I couldn’t control my heart beatings and I get out :frowning:
Since then she never come back again and I think is because I am not able to keep myself concentrated to establish communication during meditation
If any of you have seen a dity /spirit that looks the same maybe I can find it sigil and try to contact it
During my meditations I never tried to call on someone so I am just so curios who she was and why she appeared

Thank you

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Isis or Hecate would be my bets.

Your info ain’t a lot to go on and there are a lot of NPE’s (non-physical entities) out there though.

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Thank you I appreciate it
It’s hard because it were short contact and the wonly thing clearly at her was her crown
It had a round sphere in middle and on the sides … it’s so hard to put in words :pleading_face:like two sticks
In rest it was dark fog
I reaserched rainbow goddess at first and I found isis too but I couldn’t get why or how as my culture is so different and I only do Ars Paulina , Arhangels or Planetary magic
Thank you

There is also Iris a Greek rainbow deity who was messenger to Hera.


Thank you
I will research that too :pray:

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Looks like the representation of Hathor imo mainly due to the crown looking like a sun and hathor. As daughter of Ra she is connection to the sun crown.


Thank you
I appreciate it :pray:

Just call out and ask ( it ) the questions you have in mind. “Who are you?” should be the first on your mind right?

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After the first 2 times it never appeared again
I tried asking through meditation but nothing

Could be Lady Sepheranz she kinda has that effect on some ppl sometimes because of her vibration is very very high and for someone who isn’t use to that can have the reaction that you had

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Rainbow from her hand, I place my bets on Iris as well, personal messenger of Hera
this might mean you are been called not by iris herself but by Hera, so in a way you might be been called to work with greek goddesses, not only Hera, or maybe Hera has something to say, she presides over marriage, but she is also the queen of gods, so maybe the hellenic pantheon is calling you.

most people been called by greek gods get the call from Hermes or Iris.

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I will try contact it with a sigil

Thank you ! I appreciate it :pray:

The thing with marriage… I was really having troubles with my ex husband at that time
So this really got my attention now !!

Hellenic gods work better with images rather than with a sigil
I explained this before in another thread

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Oh wow that’s perfect
Thank you for your help​:pray::yellow_heart: and of course I will do researching before
Much appreciated

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Greek Gods have Orphic hymns.


I want to correct something that was not very clear as I now see in the thread I sent you
in the thread there was an argue that distracted me from pointing this

you might need to dedicate time to talk to a divinity but you can achieve it more quickly if this deity is contacting you first
the other thing is talking or “hearing” them requires concentration and the image
is not the same as asking for their favor

in a way if you were contacted by Iris as she is a messenger Goddess you might want her to do a task for you to contact you with Hera or another Goddess

so if you want her to do a task for you, you do a task for her, is usual to do a libation for greek deities a liquid offering, water or olive oil is traditional but you can replace this for any liquid you like, you might also do another action for them like lighting candles etc…

the thing is you do something for her she does something for you (like connecting you to whatever divinity is trying to get to you)

the other thing is communication which you can manage trough the image, so I guess the best thing you can do is maybe a libation or offering to her and working with the image, in case she is the one reaching if not she will redirect you to the Goddess calling you, then you can work directly trough that Goddess image.

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The first one that came to my mind is Dark Goddess Morrigan, then Hekate. :first_quarter_moon_with_face::spider_web::last_quarter_moon_with_face:

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Yes very true as you said she is a messager
Thank you for the information
Before doing anything I will have a deep reaserche on her and Greek mythology
Much appreciated :pray:

Good to know I even found something

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