Help getting rid of rats and mice from house


Invest in a nice oil diffuser and get some mint essential oil. Three drops is all you need. That should set some distance between you.

I’d also get some air pistols (or paintball guns) and shoot the sons of bitches whenever they pop up. Get creative and turn it into game. This could help alleviate some of the fear. Maybe the world ends if you don’t shoot those rodents dead. Go crazy.




That’s a phobia, you can treat those with desensitisation and EFT:


Thanks, will try.


Be easier than living with cat piss that could annoy your landlord as much as having a cat. :thinking:

Also it will treat the roots of the problem, not the symptoms, so you’ll not have this haunting you forever.


True, I think EFT with paintball gun is a good combination :smiley: