Help for developing the skill to see spirits


many years ago when i started to experiment with magick, i was able to evoke a spirit to physical appearance and later on i asked the spirit to bring me an object and it did transported it. my magick was also working quite fast with very strong results.

now, i have tried many things to develop the skill to see spirits again – without success. many of them are things that i remember doing at the time i had the skill.

this seems to be one of the things in life that nobody knows. i have asked in groups and forums like crazy. i feel lost and hopeless and would like to see if i can find some helpful advice here.

i know i don’t need to see and hear spirits to get results from evocation but this is the reason why i want to do it:

i have had huge problems and used evocation to solve them but they were still hugely difficult. i’m sure i wouldn’t have suffered so much if i would have been able to communicate with spirits directly.


Please tell us what techniques you have tried. Otherwise, we will most likely retread old roads you have already been down.

i used the questions (how tall is the spirit, what is the spirit wearing, etc.) that you should ask yourself in ea koetting’s evoking eternity.

i visualized simple objects for 4 weeks.

I tried practicing the theta alpha sync several times a day, although ea koetting doesn’t say it should be used to see spirits.

i tried defocusing my vision and seeing the space between myself and the wall (i didn’t have to do this back when i had the ability to see spirits)

i tried the words of power in damon brand’s archangels of magick.

i lighted a couple of incense sticks before me (i can’t use charcoal because it’s toxic if i light it in my room)

Theta/Gamma Sync, is just a fancy name for a deep trance, and yes, it is required for seeing spirits. You have to be in an altered state of consciousness.

This is EA’s method for entering the Theta/Gamma Sync. It is not specific for seeing spirits, just for entering trance.

This has nothing to do with seeing spirits. You need to learn structuring, which is essentially open eye visualisation while in an altered state.

Again, those have nothing to do with actually seeing spirits. The “Watchwords,” as Brand calls them, are mainly for connecting and calling to the angels.

A manifestation base is only useful if you know how to structure the form of the spirit in the smoke.

If you have Evoking Eternity, then you should understand that the exercise to Invoke Omnipotence is a method for entering trance and building energy. Then you extend your senses to perceive any spirits in the vicinity.

I really recommend EA’s Evocation Course, as he breaks down everything into each individual component and provides exercises for developing the senses to see and hear separately, and then putting it all together.

Do you do any chakra work?

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this is great for this.


Hi darkest night. yes, i also used the watchwords and the evocation keys.

i visualized with my eyes open

maybe the problem is that i tried all those things by separate. i’ll try the theta gamma sync and open-eye visualization together (structuring).

i really really thank you for your help.

also, thank you zag_darklight. i’ll check out the star of lucifer technique.

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