Help first time

Hi im new to all this. What to have sex experience but worried about few things. If i do a ritual for sex just once to see if i like it and also if i do can i do another one or do u only get one chance? Also when u do ritual does it happen that night? Thanks

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When I do sex rituals women on the street sometimes attack me, so strong is their crazed lust! I get tongue kissed and crotch squeezed. I play hard to get and make them pay for my meals and drinks, plus the motel room. You can do a ritual for sex just once, to see if you like it - but you only get one chance. Results are varied, but mostly it happens at night, around 10:34pm I find.
And don’t believe everything that you read on these boards, particularity the nasty stuff I dish out. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.


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So u saying about only getting one chance. Does that mean if i ask for one sex experience and i enjoy it i cant ask again? I just want to try once coz i dont know what it will be like and of i do like it then was hoping i could ask again?

Could i put on there either would like it once a week or once a month? If i did that would they stick to it?