Help contacting VK Jehannum metagod dragon

Hey Guys , if u know anything about how to contact my metagod dragon ?
Or if u can suggest me anything how can i do that , i know for sure i have one and i need to contact him as soon as possible <3

Meta god dragon? Spirit keeping?

spirit keeping ? i dont underestand that one :smiley:
I have metagod dragon and some of us have , he is verry important in this moment of my life and i cant no more wait or i will be fucked again , i have ways but they need month or so , so im trying to find someone who an channel anything about my metagod dragon , not goetikon not other metagod dragon , my own metagod dragon which is unification of highier self , shadow self , alternative self .

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I think this information you can find in vk Jehannum’s eBook

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I don’t actually know what that is, not sure if BALG would accept me posting the link here so I’ll message you instead.

It has a sigil on that site. “Sigil of the Goetic Metagod” also chants.

I think in these parts we might call that a godform?

You can evoke it or invoke it. If you search for ‘godform’ and ‘assumption of godforms’ you might find something useful you can adapt.


i think they meant the personal metagod which is your alternate self (shadow) + spirit animal + higher self - i checked in the linked book, your personal dragon is the sum of your alternate self and the higher self - there’s a meditation in the book for the dragon, and there’s an audio/sigil for the personal metagod on the Satania youtube channel for meditation purposes :wink:

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Thanks. Title updated to clarify this is following V.K. Jehannum’s work.