Help- cat is very sick and possibly dying

With a heavy heart I put my cat to sleep yesterday. Her health kept declining as the days went by. When she could no longer move freely and control her bowels I knew that her time was up. I did what I could for her and so I decided to take her in and send her to the great beyond.

I adopted her back in 2014 so we had 7 good years together. Those 7 years of memories I will cherish for the rest of my days here on Earth.

Sleep well my friend until we meet again.

Thank you all for your feedback. I hope that your loved ones will be ok.


I’m sorry for your loss. :cry:


So sorry for your loss. I’m still grieving at some level- feel free to PM if you ever need to talk.
I’m also constantly reminding myself that Baby and I may meet again.
All I’ve been doing since leaving a brief hospital stay (that part still feels kinda like a long weird dream but it’s coming back to me slowly) has been walking around listening to music, boxing while listening to music, occasionally looking at memes while I just recover for a bit in somewhat isolation while healing with the family too.
It was reassuring to see the cherry blossoms I’d come to associate Baby with wherever I walked seemingly :woman_shrugging:t2: plus a random virus ad with that same flower popped up on my phone along with some other viruses


Thank you. I read your thread regarding Baby. And you have my condolences as well.

I had another cat before this one and she passed away 9 years ago. She lived to be about 17. (and I had her for 7 years too!) I was going thru some very serious matters of a personal nature and I was planning on putting her to sleep. She passed away in my room while I was away. I didn’t see her body right away because it was already dark. So I grieved pretty hard back then.

She did “visit” me not long afterwards. I was in bed half asleep when I felt her crawl up on me. Yours may do the same. Take comfort in that somewhere these creatures are in a better place.


Sorry for the loss of your sweet Baby :pensive:. Grief is the price we pay for love. I hope you have wonderful memories of her. One day you will find the sting will be gone, and the happy memories will remain. Take care of yourself x


No idea what’s been going on. Lost in spirituality now while we grieve in private.
Always maintained my distance in whatever way I perceived as healthiest for the given moment. The hospital’s long weird dream continues to trickle back in, which memories are real vs which were possibly implanted at some point at some level, always somehow inexplicable correlations
The things I’m grateful for: the BALG community, ethnic background, always fighting back for the sake of basic respect or what I saw as basic respect towards other humans, basic empathy, basic anything especially when involving basic necessities and personal boundaries/consent and disgusting sexual assumptions made about anyone and anything


[quote=“Czar_Lish, post:19, topic:144818”]
Grazie per il vostro supporto :heart:
[/quote] If you want to improve your cat, first of all you have to cut all the cords that have connected to him, many spirits and demons especially when a person or animal are sick connected with ropes to suck energy so it struggles to recover.
Then display the cat in presence and control if there are strings attached and the all cuts, as soon as you have finished the vital energy immediately increases.
Then if I am still in time write me in PVT with the name of the cat and the pathology they gave the doctors and send you an immediate restore procedure. It is also a hardware that your cat took something to your place so he should be cleaned and freed. Hi I hope I was understandable.

The cat is being sent into the light by someone we are working with.
So this is being taken care of.
Yes, it is important to cut the energy strings of dying souls but we already did that.