Help calling to beelzebub please

Hi, ive been trying to call to beelzebub for the past 2 days and i dont know if its working. I feel like theres a calling to him but idk. Ive chanted his enn, left out offerings, used his sigil. I just havent been feeling anything. Is there any advice that someone could offer that could help me in summoning him pls.


Give offers after the demon has fullfilled their emd of the bargin. Its a business transactions theyre providing a service in return you give them X. You dont pay them upfront otherwise they might just run off with you offering because you’re being a chump.

Check this out

Its importnant to use your imagination to offer the spirit some energy to manifest and speak through.

Make sure to banish before the evocation as well.

You can ask for a sign the demon is there like beelzebub touch my arm if you are here. Or something similar. Candles could help to. Once you evoke him the candles will probably fluteer or they might even go out.


Thank you💖

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Beelzebuth is a pain in the ASS to evoke sometimes. I love him to death, but he’s like the antisocial spirit of the family. Likely from being referred to the Lord Of THE Flies, rather than his original title, The Lord THAT flies. Just a guess though. He’s a busy mufuther too. If you want to summon him, make it worth his while. Invite him just to hang out for a little while. He tells me to leave out fresh cheesecake for him for some reason. :man_shrugging:

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Can i send personal massage to you?



Of course!

Why would he come to your calling…? He is one of the highest Princes. It is advisable to work with other daemons first whom he governs over. It is like a recommendation, unless you are an advanced magician of many years. Some of them choose if you are worthy to come to.

Aside from calling, each entity has his/her preferred time of the day/night because some of them are either day or night daemons. You just need to know what is his preferred day & time. It might enhance an invocation.