Help being attacked by a psychopath

I’m just looking for help. A person I was in love with for years have been doing the most nastiest things to me behind my back and I’m fed up. She spent all my money over the years put me in isolation from my family and friends. I come to find out also she has been slowly poisoning me and I don’t know what to do I just want her to feel the same pain she has given me. If anybody can help me or teach me how to stop her or get revenge I would truthfully be greatful

Hello @Rello, in order for us to help you and recommend the proper avenue for you to take, you have to first post an introduction, which is a rule of the forum.

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Without your consent and all eh? Take her to court and get the money back, trust me even if she had consent they’ll make it so it’s your word against hers and then at trial you can say your peace and have your justice.

I know personally. They’ll take your credit and bank records and not even look at them because she’ll have to prove, even as an authorized buyer you said to use it for each and every purchase.

As far as poisoning you goes, that’s possible- there’s some real psychos out there. (I was with someone who would use bleach next to me while I slept, fully knowing it could put me into lung failure, because he was convinced I was faking it- but you can cause someone to have those types of effects without ever giving them a damned thing. Just use the right spirits or energy work it yourself.

Honestly I don’t personally know anyone smart enough to launder money, and manipulate you into isolation that is dumb enough to use physical poisoning.

I’d be careful what you sling in case your working against a practitioner. Most learn how to sense and discern when someone is fcking them- be it mundane or spiritual, and if they are worth their weight they will have protection that bites back.