Help Advice maybe some channeling assistance -

Hiya Yall… just a relatively new person at this stuff based out Asia.

I have been trying for the better part of a year to Invoke/Evoke a few spirits. due to living situations and country what I can and cannot do is rather limited.

My " ALTER " is a small table between a computer table and a balcony door.

Incense is a no go to others in the house having asthma and allergies.

so limited space and limited as to what I am able to do…

what I can do, candles have used black candles plus the candle color for said spirit.
as well as a diffuser using different scents ( not the same as the incense. incense releases smoke, diffuser releases mist. both have scents )

Before I tried for nearly 6 months trying to get Bune.

As my job was going downhill as well as my two closest friends. they were also in very much work turmoil.

now my friend is out of his job and soon to loose his house with his 3 kids. myself, my job is still up in the air as is my one friend.

so I decided to go for the gold and work on trying a different approach.

using teaches from S. Connoly I found that Lucifer himself is supposed to be my Patron so I tried to ritual to seek patronage with Lucifer, as well as several invocations of Lucifer and an evocation or two.

the way I would do it is,

do an invocation and then meditate on it for 30 ish mins, then do the next invocation meditate for about 30 mins, do an evocation and meditate for about 30 mins and so on.

with Bune, I was never really able to connect per say. Meaning I never to a voice, or an image. however I did on 3 occasions feel something. Two times I felt a bone chilling cold work its way over my body like waves… these were after the first feeling i had which started out as a heart rate increasing… then heart pounding, and pulse racing. along with a very very strong sense of fear .

but this time trying to reach out to Lucifer to be my patron and ask his help in reaching bune and or helping me himself. I am not getting any vibes or feelings.

looking for Advice, Help and maybe someone is able to do some channeling and find out what it is I am doing wrong from Lucifer and or Bune… :slight_smile: but I am Allowed to hope…

thanks in advance…

Welcome to the forum! I see you joined us back in March but this is your first post. Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


just an update:

Tried again with a few tweaks this time:

The Sigil is hand drawn, smeared with blood as well as some of my hairs and is inside of a picture frame to keep it safe…

First cast the infernal circle as described by S. Connolly

Start up some ambience with shamanic drums as posted by @ Ásbjǫrn Óðinkárr in spirituality and religion.

Then I did the Hym to Lucifer :
Stare at the Sigil and chat the Enn for 20 mins or until I blink and loose the gaze, or if lucky get some result.

Then was the Invocation of Lucifer from him as well:
Stare at the Sigil and chat the Enn for 20 mins or until I blink and loose the gaze, or if lucky get some result.

Then I used the Invocation of Lucifer from the Temple of the Ascending Flame:
Stare at the Sigil and chat the Enn for 20 mins or until I blink and loose the gaze, or if lucky get some result.
But this time as I was chanting the invocation the air started getting a little thick. My heartrate increased just a tad and my voice started to become strained. Finished the invocation and time to move on to the meditation/enn chanting
Started chanting the Enn… staring at the Sigil room started to get cooler little by little.

As the gaze started to set in, the lines on the sigil started to twitch kinda… as the room gets a little cooler.

The sigil came alive and the lines from the sigil started moving around making mixed random shapes.
The 2 candles in this case 1 red set to the left and 1 black set to the right started to flicker franticly.
This is when a wave of static or a static type feeling started to climb from my fingers up my arm to my shoulders. It wrapped around my shoulders and started climbing up my spine. The room is so cold I am getting goose bumps. And the candles are still flickering like mad. The static feeling then crawls up my head and starts to wrap around… and then
And then I blink

And it all goes away, room is getting warmer, candles stopped flickering… goosebumps going away… All I could thing was dang it. (but less poetically correct)

Mind playing tricks on me? Was it Lucifer himself warning me away or about to manifest?

I am gonna home for the best and be positive and try again.




Good luck and if incense is a no go then go silent and ask the demon what they would like from the kitchen? Teas, chocolates home, hand crafted breads? They may surprise you.