Help a friend out

hey y’all… can any of u recommend me an entity that would help with changing grades for final exams and how do I contact the entity and what will I have to do? your help is much appreciated

This is a thing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I bet, this isn’t for a friend, but for you :grin:

That entity you’re seeking is called blaxkrose. Ask it to learn more and better next time :wink:

I really would wonder how that should be even possible. I wouldn’t even think that this can happen… but then again, maybe someone else knows more/better.

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The exams didn’t happen yet right? Try Leraje for mental strength and Paimon for resolve. You will have to work your ass off revising to get good results, but they and others will help you get there.

Search here for “evocation” techniques to get started. Look for the ‘unofficial tutorials’ thread.


Hun if you have nothing nice or appropriate to say, please don’t say anything… First of all, think before u try and reply. A friend as in myself. I’m asking the help of people in BALG to help a friend out who is ME. So before you start assuming, I suggest you know what’s actually going on in the first place alright.You may be even more experienced compared to me but that doesn’t mean you know better <3 Also I am sorry if you think im being rude, but im not :slight_smile:

it already happened actually…