Help a beginner

Hello everybody
I just started to study esotericism and occultism
I need help with what is more effective to start developing astral feelings and developing myself?
those who want to write, use the search function do not even try
I’m here to ask for advice and before that for weeks I read the information through the search function


Well, its true you should… and you said you did this, so, you must have some knowledge by now.
This means you should have more specific questions than “where do I start?”.

What have you tried so far?
What problems did you have?
What did work?
Of all the systems you tried, which one are you most drawn to?

By the way, trying to tell black magickians what to do is a great way to get ignored or worse - I suggest you try not to assume what we’ll do - that’s not a good look - just keep to your topic, dude.

Have you read the meditation and psychic tutorials here:

Like this one?

Did you try anything and if so what happened?


I hate to do exactly what you asked not to do but its the honest answer. You either need to give a more defined question with what methods you have tried or continue to use that search feature to gather as much info as possible to then narrow your questions parameters to an answerable value.

Also, spend some time in the links that were provided above. I still frequent those links and always pick up new understandings or am able to connect more dots each time I do.

I meditate on Belial’s sigil with 4 symbols of Belial’s gate

On the first day, the sigil flickered and under it were visible white lines repeating the outlines of the sigil

On the second day, she also flickered, but she still floated like a sheet of paper on which she was placed in water

Today is the third day I hope I make progress today

Are these good signs?

I want to call Belial for Halloween
I want to call Belial for Halloween, but I can’t because I work in a nightclub (I’m a bartender) and we’ll have a crazy party until the morning.

Is it possible to hang sigils of spirits in the room so that they are fed by the energy of people?
This is how I want to pay my respects to the demons

I am looking for good ways to develop my astral senses

On this forum, on one of the scans, I was told that there is a spirit behind my shoulder that I liked in the cemetery
I want to see him and for this I need to develop my astral senses.
sorry for the bad english i am from russia and use a translator

P.S. I liked the spirit that sits behind my shoulder (I recognized it from the scan)
I, seemed to him pretty

Yes those first two days of work with the sigil sound like a good start. When you start to see the sigil open, trying feeling the area around you. See if you can sense any changes in temperature or just an energetic feeling. Can you smell anything or do you hear anything.

Doing these types of things will help you to open and understand your astral senses.

When you can start to feel the subtle changes in your environment, speak your intentions (it does not have to be aloud) to belial.

After you are complete you can ask for some kind of a sign or just say your thanks.

Should I tear myself away from the sigil and feel the space around me?
or watch her all this time ??

Once you’ve seen it open its open. If you feel comfortable you can look around. Maybe you catch a glimpse. If you feel like you need to focus to keep it open. Go off what your gut tells you. This is a very personal experience.

as soon as I look away, it takes me just a little time to open it again

yesterday, on the second day of working with Belial, I noticed a dark spot on the lamp out of the corner of my right eye
but before the opening of the sigil did not see him
P.S lamp at the other end of the room

Before you go jumping in head first I would recommend that you learn about shielding, warding and banishing. It is best to have your protections in place before you go in head first and end up with issues. You are not guaranteed to get belial every time or ever. And its best to be prepaired for those types of situations. Parasites are a real thing so practice safely.

You can find that stuff in the links you were provided above.

thank you for the advice on protection

while meditating on a sigil, I cannot keep my gaze in one place
he himself floats on the sigil
and when I look back, the sigil no longer flickers (
i let my gaze float but try to control it without closing the sigil

Many people jump blindly into all of this and some truly become powerful while others lose far more than they could ever hope to gain out of black magick so my recommendation to you would be to start with the basics exercises for which I can suggest the articles on this forum or the meditations page of just ignore their Neo Nazi crap and you’ll find the website pretty useful and after a little while practicing alone start calling on beginner friendly spirits such as Lucifer or King Paimon and trust me you don’t need to see or hear them because they have countless other ways to communicate with you such as leading you to websites,people,books etc and from that point forward just continue doing what you’re doing