Just a quick intro in me… I am a “new” follower of this site although I have registered before/… Anyways, I would like to see if anyone has had a moment of “rage” after exoking Mammon into my life… I know who he is and what he does, however, Does he lay-down his destructive traits in ALL areas of ones life or am I just nuts?

I haven’t been prone to “rage” since I was around age 8… that was 40 years ago TODAY. I turn 48 today.

Does anyone have insight from their own experience with Mammon like this?

Hello and happy birthday to you!!

THANK YOU for the birthday well wish! I can’t believe I’m already 48! It seems like yesterday that I was 21, then 25, then 30… now that was 18 years ago! Hey, age ain’t nuthin’ but a number right? Thanks Again!

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My name is Optillion (I go the name after some divination work). I have been on the site for around 6 months or so, but under my “given name”, so I’m not really new to the forum, but, I must follow the rules… I’m into scrying and dream interpretation as it relates to The Left Hand Path… Today, July 17, 1971, I was born 48 years ago… but aside from that, I’d like to get into a discussion about how the various daemons affect a person’s personality and the scrying (if that’s the right term) as to how the interpretation of dreams effect a person. I’ve followed that all my life, and the f rpeople in our realm, it is an exciting and sometimes scary revelation.

Aside form that, my work is currently concentrated on getting rid of debt from my last “outside” partner, and how the Daemons and entities such as Mammon effect a person from the standpoint of his working in an individual- how they experience the destructive nature of Mammon in order to bring about the birth of a new and more powerful person. E’A.'s talk on this was VERY enlightening, and I’d like to hear about other people’s experiences with Mammon and the other Daemons can affect one’s immediate psychology/state of mind.

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Thank YOU!!!