Hey everyone, my name is Hannah. I’m a 30 year old trans woman. I love Luciferianism and it’s kinda my modus operandi. I’m skeptical of magic, but my eyes, heart, and mind are always open to new things. I enjoy playing video games, reading books(HP Lovecraft is my fav), and I generally just enjoy having a good time. Nice to meet you all!

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If I’m understanding correctly, you have no experience in magick?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

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Hello, Miss, I also have the same choice so I decided to enter this community to know more and to know in particular about the prince of light on the day of the creation of light, He is Mr. and Professor Lucifer!

None whatsoever, but I have experience with paranormal activity. I’ve been to the creepiest, haunted places in Illinois and have seen/heard shit that terrified me. I get bad feelings when relatives are about to die, such as knowing my dad was going to die soon(he died on the 15th of this month), and among other things I feel I am very empathic.

Thank you for expanding a bit on your experience :slight_smile:

Welcome @beginner1. Please post your own introduction thread, rather than posting in someone else’s.


I do not know how to do that, Because I am a new member of the family!

It’s pretty simple. Go to the main page and click the big grey button on the right that says “New Topic” and then fill out the box that pops up.

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