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Hey everyone I am new to the forum I have been studying and practicing rituals from GOM and other books a like I have several I have always wanted to know more knowledge I know GOM is pretty good for beginners but is powerful am in the 3rd working in wealth Magick … I have had a change in my life in what my passion is and in the right direction for business I have had disruptions still seem to be happening now … like working in the field that I have a passion for and leaving a place that takes to much of my day money has came in but also taken from my same source I feel a blockage when I get to a certain point like i am getting up to high or something for the work I have put in the sales I am being kept down from my potential… not earning what I should be making for the work I have put in sales i feel like I just keep going back to where I was before my environment hasn’t really changed. Can anyone give me any advice or referrals on boosting my wealth Magick or taking people affecting my flow of being stable Can there be blockages like people affecting your success any influence ? Would really appreciate to get some feedback from other magicians to learn from …share and discuss and be part of a group thank you.

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I post bfre wat a great magician say. A girl. My rituals not fail. 98/ results, wen tey guys ask it fails, she top sit and star see tis person lifes, and say u need to do a uncrosding, a open roads, and some thing else 3 things bfre star tis invocations.he did and see results, maybe a bath, maybe a open road, she wS telling of a occasion she give a ritual to conctact dead family, gess wat,? Tey got larvas, freaky infestation, she simply say if tey do the basics things it not happen. Dame peopls see the dead or spirts on mints, maybe u should try to unblock energy to get higher, not being rude but its a goid thing, not take personally ,

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Another story. It was so much envy on tis company, so a guy use amonia way too much to repel enemy s, and boom a 3 of the company avoid him. He feel weird but knw rgt away his enemies,

Big load of methods that actually worked listed here:

Pick the one/s you want to find out more about, and then use forum search on any terms, also general search engines, Wikipedia is surprisingly useful for example for researching major demons as well as all the gods and goddesses.

Make a new topic here if you still have questions after that about a specific working or entity, etc. :+1:

I did this visualisation a while ago, you could apply it to anyone you think may be influencing your internal world:

Lookup various lucky charms and protective amulets as well, such as carrying a small mirror to deflect unwanted energies, or a crystal charged to protect you, etc. :+1:

Thanks for the suggestions… I am doing a daily sword banishing and 33 day Magickal protection ritual that helps with crossings also done a road opener I feel it’s more with people and need a bit of a push of influence at this point

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Welcome @Sangueblue

Are the Gallery of Magick books the only type of amgick you have experience in?

Welcome @Sangueblue😊

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I’ve never worked with it so can’t advise you there, sorry.

I feel like King Paimon is the correct spirit for you here. Do a search on the forum for info. :+1:

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Thank you

Do you think a king Solomon seal amulet Can be good for this ?

Description of the Pentacles of Solomon – Black Witch Coven There’s some seal for wealth/business /riches…I’m starting to play with the solomon seals.

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