Hello to everyone

My name is Vivian or viv for short,
I have been reading some of the posts here and I feel that i am not alone anymore after finding this place
I have very little experience and really want to learn how to take control of my life.
I would love it if someone could point me in the right direction as it would seem that with some of the posts I have been reading that others have the same problem.
my ex girlfriend left me a few months ago and i can’t get her out of my head and would love to get her back as we were so good together.
So if someone could help me I would be eternity grateful.

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Thank you very much.
I think that this could be just what I have been looking for.
Many thanks viv

You are welcome…you are here for some reason so yes this is something what you are looking for :blush:


Thank you for making me feel so welcome.


Welcome to the forum. My threads might be of some use to you.

Thank you.
I will have a good look at them.
Many thanks