Hello to all

I am not exactly new to magick, but I am definitely still learning the basics. If anybody has any good books on the basics or things like astral projection and introduction to kabbalah it would be greatly appreciated!

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How long have you practiced?
What do you practice ?
How old are you?
Where are you from?

It might be easier for us to direct you to what relates to your personal practice if you take a moment to fill us in.

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested. However, more information is required as this post tells us nothing about your or your experience so doesn’t meet the requirement of our rule.

Edit. Please ignore this post. I see you made a more complete intro in the main thread :+1:

I have practiced I would say unknowingly for a few years now, but officially I have only begun consciously working towards this in the past year or so. It is extremely daunting trying to figure out what I am looking for. I have started reading some Crowley but now know I should be learning kabbalah before Magick in Theory and Practice will make much sense.
I am 22 years old and am not entirely sure what I am going to be practicing.
My background involves interest in Jungian thought as well as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hermeticism, and general metaphysical wonder. I discovered the truth in magick a few years ago when I was travelling the US via hitchhiking and train hopping. This is where I discovered the “law of attraction” and had a major eye opening experience with trusting the universe and seeing results and daily mindblowing synchronicities. Also my meth usage opened my mind to the possibility of these other realms.

Welcome. :slight_smile:


You have a long list there. I imagine your knowledge simply from the works you’ve read is actually greater than you know.

Many of us are clueless about which path is for us, what to do next and so forth. Not only once but sometimes we walk a path for a while then realize it’s time to move on.

I am unable to determine (maybe I’m distracted) what it was you have been consciously working on. I see all the stuff you studied, but have missed what you actually practice.

That’s ok honestly because I think my end note is simply to encourage you to start doing, and worry less about understanding.

There are many things I comprehend now that I couldn’t to start with, and many that confound me now that we’re beyond my perception previously.

I find a lot of stuff can only be answered by doing, become who you want to be instead of that armchair magician

I suppose the only things I’ve dabbled in would be sigil magick, astral travel, lucid dreaming, and using my mind to affect my reality (ex knowing I would get fed when travelling and seeing it happen, or knowing we’d get a ride). I have begun journaling my dreams again and other experiences like receiving messages through numbers and such. I have had an active daily meditation practice (mindful and breathwork) for a few months now.


I would love to know somebody in person who I could learn from, but it seems currently I am alone in my endeavor (at least in physical reality at the moment), and this forum seems to be a great place to start in light of that. I am loving the welcome so far, was not expecting such a quick response.


Welcome :blush:


Welcome. Glad you’re here!


Unfortunately many of us walk this alone, but not all of us by any means :). This is a fair place to start, there’s beginner info on most topics floating around, and some pretty in depth ones for the more popular practices.