Hello newbie here, quick questions i didn't see in the forum

  1. what type of poetry dose Lucifer like? i was told he like poetry
    2)once i invoke Lucifer do i have to do that each time i want to speak or work with him
  2. whats the best blood offering ritual?
    i asked Lucifer via pendulum if he would like a blood offering he said yes
    but i ask him how he said he was unsure, so i asked on his sigil which is on my altar for him he said no i was shocked
    any ideas?

He would really like something you made yourself and dedicate to him alone.

Once you’ve formed a close relationship with him you can just look at his seal and call him.

Maybe he meant he didn’t want the blood on his seal, but um…lets say on a separate offering plate? That’s what I think.


thank you thank you for the advice very helpful

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