Hello new member here with a first succubus experience

Hi new member from the UK here.

I have been studying conspiracies for the last 10 years which led me to the occult.

I have had two successful magick experiences so far.

About a year ago I started trying sigil magic, my first sigil worked very well, I asked for £10000 and a few days later £10000 came into my life, it was unbelievable!

Subsequently I have had no more luck with sigils, and I started doubting weather they worked and if it was just coincidence.

My next magical experience happened after finding this forum and studying all the threads on succubus.

A few days ago i meditated and then asked Lilith for a favor from one of her succubus daughters.

Nothing happened and i almost forgot about it. Then last night I was visited by a succubus while dreaming. It was a very powerful and intense experience, i was slightly frightened but quickly realized what was happening and became semi lucid calmed down and just went along with it. I woke from the experience at 2:30 am not quite 3:00 am but close and instantly thanked both Lilith and the succubus for the experience

Im making this thread today because I am so surprised that this actually happened.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind now that this occult stuff is very very real, and I am just buzzing with excitement and eager to try more!


Yeeees welcome to the club.

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I am glad to be here :grinning:

Welcome welcome :wink:

Pound those guts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Im happy for this to stand as my intro!

Okay, I will move it to the proper place then.