Hello I need help please

I hope to find someone in here who can truly help me.
I don’t know where to start but I can say I feel a bit lost. I think I’ve made a pact for something I’m not so sure if I desire but then how can I be sure if I made this pact?
It was a couple of years ago and it has led me to where I am and to be honest In part I enjoy it and partially I don’t. Truth be said I asked for something without really knowing what it meant and now I am confused and really lost. Can someone please help me?? Someone who has knowledge and deals with higher beings

Ok i’ll bite, why not. If you feel lost, go back to the beginning. what’s the spirit/entity you may have made a pact with? what’s the nature of the spirit and the pact? What did you and it agree too? And what did you agree to do for it? You don’t have to answer all that right now. But try writing it all down for yourself first and you may get your answer right there. Sorry but your question is to vague to give any real answer to. Be more specific and i am sure, me or another one of the fun loving sociopaths here can be of more help=)

We need to at least know the name of the entity you think you made the pact with in order to give you advice on what actions to take next. Some entities would be more understanding if you truly didn’t know what you were doing and someone here may work with that entity on a regular basis and easily be able to channel them and ask if the pact really was finalized and if so, what do they want? While other entities will literally start fucking with your life and/or your mind until you fix what you think you did wrong. So time may be of the essence here…

It was with lilith.

She is bothering you because you forgot your pact. When you’ve stablished connection, always remember that the entity will always stay with you. What really caused that negative things, happenings, in your part are the energies of communication sent to you by Lilith. You percieve them negatively because you already avoid/do not confer with the agreements. Therefor, you just need to open up yourself to her. Always be aware that she is with you and things be alright.

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Hi Seph!

Please take a moment to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum, many thanks! :slight_smile:

Done Lady Eva.
And…Arann if I may ask how did you come to those conclusions?

I’m just asking because my mind has thought so much about it I can’t conclude anything but If there is some knowledge about it that can make me see changes or accept things differently then I might be able to make certain conclusions that might be of value in the long term.

[quote=“Seph, post:4, topic:7326”]It was with lilith.[/quote]Oh, somehow i knew you were going to say that name. Well if you did make a pact with HER, she’s not going to let you out of it until that pact’s fulfilled or you learn whatever she’s trying to teach you. And Lilith is a teacher, most spirits are, but she IS extreme in this. And its going to be all her way, and the more you try to fight her on this the rougher its going to get for you. There is No middle ground with her on that point. I saw you said your in a satanic group and they should be helping you with this, if they are worth a damn at all. Now i’m not judging you but if this is you wrestling with morality, christianity etc.,etc, your going to have to commit yourself to her side. Lilith is no ally to the cults of yahwen in any form, again no middle ground with her on that. But that’s just a feeling i got when i was writing this i could be wrong, but i do know that the longer you wait the harder it will be for you. If you want out, say so now and maybe we can come up with a way to go about that. But if you ARE in a pact with her and try to walk away from her without doing anything first, she will fuck you and your life up worse than you would believe. Wish i had better things to tell you but again that’s just how she is, from my experience with her.

In my experience. And, I also have observed that it happens a lot to many practitioners.

You must see that you ain’t doing it just for fun or for thrill.

And friend, never think that they harm you. It will just get worst if you deny them. They won’t harm you but when you deny them things will flow in accordance with universal operations. Therefor, it is right to say that you are the one doing harm or confusing yourself.

In your situation, you just need to go with the flow ,as they say. Accept the reality that physical isn’t alone. Identified by confusion, is a step forward. You now walk in two worlds. To get over that confusion, you just need to accept the other realm; accept everything thrown to you and believe and understand them.

If you need specifications for your situation, kindly please post your specific concerns or pm it if it’s too personal.

I have no problem in sharing that is also why I’m here.
I’d say it is a bit personal because I’ve made a choice I know not a lot of people would do but I do feel it’s the right choice. By making this pact I agreed to something I didn’t really know what it meant. Today I do and it scares me because some of it shakes my foundations so deeply that I get lost and confused. See I took demonolatry a bit too far. I asked to be her servant to learn how to become the best I can and to serve her with my abilities. She accepted this and she has driven me in a path of servitude that to be honest most persons would not be able to deal with. I know a lot of persons would’ve given up by now and I didn’t I keep pushing forward. I keep believing. This group though, that I am part of I am not part of it by choice. She sent me here and as it seems I have no choice. I find it easier to deal with demons then humans sometimes and that depresses me, it makes me really angry sometimes and other times I just can’t take bs…from this group of persons. The problem resides in the fact that lilith has sent me to be of help to a person of this group so for me to achieve my goals. To finalise my pact I have to stay with this person. I have to help this person and it’s only because of this person that I am part of this satanic group and for that I also by natural order had to help the group. It’s frustrating. .I can’t see why would lilith make me go through all this with these persons!it’s just plain horrible sometimes…but according to what they say in the group. It is all a plan…and I am part of that plan…I just can’t see how…and no one will explain me…no one will help me and since I’m in this group I feel a bit like I’ve lost my connection with lilith. I really don’t know what to do anymore.

When working with Lilith you, inevitable, work with your ascent. It’s a part of her and her daughters “bigger plan”.

I think you’re loosing that connection with her, because you’re getting lost in that “cult” you’re involved with. The problem of being in a “cult”, as I see it, is because it can create conflicts. All these ego’s tearing eachother in a tug-of-war for the cause of their own “bigger plan”. And Lilith seems to take distance from this mess you’re in. Maybe she doesn’t like the outcome of it, and want you to leave before it blows out of proportion?

You’ve made a pact with her to help someone in the “cult”? Like the meddler in the middle? That means you took responsibility for someone that should be able to solve their own problems/limitations. A third party solution can be pretty limiting in that sense that the person you suppose to help, doesn’t have the first party connection to Lilith as you do. It’s a barrier, right there, as I see it. So, for Lilith to help you help him, maybe you should do a proper evocation of her in his presence.

I might have started this reply in a rough and hard manner, but that is not my intention. I just trying to to give you my thoughts, since I’ve been working with Lilith for over a half decade now. I would say I have gain an understanding of her and her capabilities to help.

But if you ARE in a pact with her and try to walk away from her without doing anything first, she will fuck you and your life up worse than you would believe.

It doesn’t make it any better by being dogmatic about Lilith like that, does it? You just put fuel to the fire, grasping the myths and legends, rather than seeing her as someone with the ability to be benevolent and helpful to others.

Just as much as she is dark and demonic, she is also powerful in the divine current. It might be a rare spectrum of her, but it’s there. But the only one who can open that current of hers, is the one working with her. :slight_smile:

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Yes I feel in her balance. That’s true. What is also true is that you’re right. Most of the problems come from this 'cult ’ but she was the one who sent me to them and I still can’t understand why,leading me to confusion. Feeling lost.

ok, it’s evidently part of your learning process. I see that what she wants you to learn is to balance yourself. That’s mostly the problem of magic practitioners, they can’t stay long with different communities. Most starting practitioners are vulnerable on emotions. Think she wants you to control your own emotions, that way you can be free of that big distruction.

Advice is, you deal with them thinking always that it is for your own benefit. Learn their language and traditions.

I think she wants me to lose my emotions and feelings! After everything she’s put me through…and I deeply don’t think she wants me to be free. I know it goes against what a lot of people would think but I’m quite sure about that.

And succupedia. .no I’ve made a pact with her to be with her. Not for anyone else or anything else but she was the one who sent me to this person,which is attached to an occult group.

There is actually a Re-organization of Forces that she is helping with to work better. She is aware of the Cult group and not all of them are Satanic but are Wannabe’s whom have christian agendas. She recommended you temporarily lose your feelings so that she can help Reposition you into a more workable relationship, rather than just chaos… Which is something that a number of people whom I will not name seem to like to embrace. She will crack down on those whom cause that chaos.


Well yes she knows I will do anything to serve hee and she trusts me to be loyal and helpful. I’m usually patient but when I get lost out of other people’s actions I tend to crave a bit for her help,her attention and when she does she is ruthless. Putting me in conflict with myself for I love the one person she sent me to. The one attached to the group.

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@Seph, if I was you I would step in contact with her and talk. Talk about that problem and you will find the way and solve that problem.

Good point. Although she only comes to me when she wants and she only says what she wants when she wants how she wants it. So really I have no control. That also doesn’t help.