Hello i am new (in desperate need of experienced magicians)

Hey i just recently started reading up on witchcraft and the occult and a little of information on evocations and invocations, i have never attempted a spell or any rituals at all and seem too have a hard time meditating as well. Im very interested in using sigils too contact superior entities for help and guidance but i’m too damaged it seems to be able to do such things. My life has been falling apart in some unfortunate ways.

My name is Zack. Nice too meet all of you.



I’m sorry for what you are going through but this forum is not Wizards R Us, where you can shop for a magician “to change your life” free of charge.

We get asked to provide magical services every day and it just isn’t posdible. We provide advice and knowledge so you can make changes for yourself but that is all.

You also need to understand that even if someone did a ritual for you, it may not work. Magick is not a panacea for all that ails you unlike its portrayal in movies.


Welcome to the forum. This is my thread you might find useful.

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