Hello, I am new here

I don’t know what to say, I am coming from visiting Joy of Satan the nazi cult on the Internet, hoping that this forum is better, it looks a lot better than Joy of Satan. My experience with magic is limited to some free revenge spells on the Internet on my rapist, and a botched attempt I had at doing a rule of 3 karma spell on a doctor that was doing medical malpractice on his patients, including me, for profit, after which a lot of the spell came back on me. I haven’t had a good experience with magic. Now I’m only interested in white magic. Anyway, I’m looking for information. This seems like my type of forum, getting right to it, and laughing is allowed. At JoS the members there tried to compel me to do a pact with Satan, claiming that is the only way to become a “Satanist”, and one member said that all other information on Satanism is corrupted, and all other websites are like eating an pile of shit, while another member called me a troll and a kike. Lovely. I’m mainly interested in divination, that’s pretty much the extent of what I’m interested in. I want to find the name of a problem with my bowel, but Tarot hasn’t been particularly useful. According to runes and tarot, they indicate a problem with the intestines but finding the solution to the problem would be surrounded with arguments and complications, just like it was for another health issue, which my doctor did not care about, turned out that there was actually a problem when I saw a specialist. Now he acts like agrees with the diagnosis of the specialist. lol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome, @anonymous5455

Where are you from? How old are you?

These are necessary questions for us to better help you.

In any event, no, we’re nothing like JoS. And we’re not satanists. I don’t think there are even five satanists here. We’re people who practices magick.

And by the way, whoever told you to jump directly at a pact with Satan… well, fuck them. Don’t ever do a pact with someone you don’t and haven’t helped you several times. Also, nobody fucking agrees on who or what is Satan, so if there is another argument on that here I’ll make popcorn.

As for divination, maybe you need more practice? Everything in magick needs practice. And patience. Lots and lots of patience.


I’m from Australia in my early 20s.

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Your introduction seems complete to me.

Welcome to the forum.

We have people from all currents, religions and philosophies, personal attacks are against the rules (do please read them, they’re a little different than the usual and being here makes you part of the community building the culture the rules foster).

At JoS the members there tried to compel me to do a pact with Satan, claiming that is the only way to become a “Satanist”

It’s a religion, or cult, so, they would. TBH they get laughed at a lot.
Dogma and preaching are against the rules here, for any path. We have discussions and share information, then we make up our own minds :slight_smile: If you have an issue with a post breaking these rules, please do use the flag system to get a mods i.e. Lady Eva’s attention.
We have a category for RHP and white magic, and a category for LHP baneful magick and most things in between, and when it doubt anything goes in the General category.

We have a Divination category as well since that’s your main interest area… how long have you been learning divination?

Yeah you really have to be your own advocate and get second opinions like this. I have unusual congenital issues that are not well understood by Doctors as they’re a footnote in the training, and easily forgotten. I treat Doctors as advisors, but be sure to tell them what you need them to know, don’t give them room to overtreat you and like with UPG, get verification, or, although they mean well, they can and will misdiagnose you, because they’re human, overworked and undertrained. The ones that don’t get that and won’t listen to you exist and you have to change Doctors, you can’t help anyone when their cup is full.

I do recommend Raphael for healing and advice or a smoother path to helping medical issues. Also look into saltwater fasting for healing.


I’ve been reading Tarot for about a year and runes for 6 months

They’re both powerful tools. Both can also be pathworked for inner understanding.

Hope you enjoy your time here.

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If you’re not doing this already, I recommend writing down everything you eat and drink and how you feel everyday. You may find a pattern there.
I agree with @Maulbeere it is good to gather your own knowledge and not fully submit to someone else’s opinion, but just don’t start treating doctors as your enemies, because they’re not.

I didn’t understand how to access the LHP and RHP categories. Is it possible to contact Lady Eva? She seems to be very gifted. Is she a priestess? Does she have a website?

The category drop down is in the upper left corner. The All Categories link has a tiny forward triangle icon on it - click that and you get the whole list.

Here’s links: https://forum.becomealivinggod.com/c/white-magick-the-right-hand-path/

Though, pretty much most of the forum is also both, and when in doubt, or for people that don’t think in categories, most anything will be in General. But on the whole the forum lets you search in just a category, which can really help when looking for something specific.

Lol :joy: I will join you with the popcorn :popcorn:


Welcome to the forum

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